Country of origin: Monaco
Style: industrialized symphonic black / death metal
Questions by: Branko Roric
Answers supplied by: Duke Satanael (all vocals and instruments)

The new album of the only metal-band from Monaco, GODKILLER, is still one of the best since few months. The band had a big success with their first MCD "The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages" that sold over 5.000 copies. Now, Duke Satanael´s one-man-band brought out their newest output, a full length album called "The End Of The World".

Branko: GODKILLER is still a one-man-band. Why don´t you include other musicians in the band?

Duke Satanael: Others in the band could infuence me in ways I don´t want. My goal is to make music I like, and in a band I would compromise with the others. There are a few guys I´m rehearsing with, but they will only support me at live-situations.

Branko: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Duke Satanael: I don´t know, I´m just playing what I feel. The "Rebirth…" album is different than "The End Of The World", because I felt different those days. I was very fascinated about darkness and satanism, that´s why the MCD is more black metal, like EMPEROR.

Branko: Are you a satanist?

Duke Satanael: No, not really. That´s something I liked in the past, but now I´m over with that.

Branko: The new album doesn´t sound like black metal any more, it´s rather SAMAEL I hear out here...

Duke Satanael: Hmm, there were a few folks that told me the same thing. I like SAMAEL, but I don´t feel very inspirated from them. It´s maybe the drums, they sound very like on the last SAMAEL album.

Branko: The atmosphere on the album is very cold and depressive. Is this a part of the concept?

Duke Satanael: Yes, everything sounds very cold and emotionless, just the way I imagine the end of the world. The people destroy themselves and the environtment. The album is devided in three parts: the first part is quite hectic, with a lot of industrial-sounds - this is the point, where the apocalypse is coming, and nobody knows it. The secound part is the apocalyse. Everything and everybody is dying. The third part is slow and melanchiloc; everybody is dead, there´s nothing left.

Branko: You said that you play what you feel. As said, this album is very depressive - I hope you don´t think about suicide...

Duke Satanael: No, you know, I needed five months to record "The End Of The World". This was a very hard time for me, so the album was somehow a therapy. I just saw no sence in our existance, and no way out. When recording the album I´ve let all the anger and the pain out of me, and it worked! Today I see everything more positive.

Branko: And how did you come to Wounded Love Records?

Duke Satanael: It was quite simple, actually. They had my two demos, and they gave me the best contract. It´s not one of these big commercial labels wich pushes bad bands...

Branko: Do you think that there is far too much death / black metal these days? I mean, here in Germany even CRADLE OF FILTH were in a teenie-mag called BRAVO (for kids 11-14, with great articles; "What is an errection" and such stuff!), with evil face paint and lots of blood...

Duke Satanael: Yeah, I know what you mean. Well, CRADLE OF FILTH certainly deserve it to be famous, but I really do think that there is too much black metal around. The bands aren´t fault on that - it´s the big labels, buying all the bands and selling them in this way. It´s getting too redicilous, and this with Cradle is just an example how bad this can get... It´s pitty. But, I´m thankfull every time I hear something hard in the radio, and those are usually bigger bands.

Branko: You´re in Monaco - I guess the metal-scene won´t be too big over there...

Duke Satanael: Emm, there is no scene here. Monaco is a dead city, there is NOTHING out here! Everybody is just boring. I have to go to France to see concerts - two hours, and you´re alreay in Paris, and there you have concerts every week. In Monaco I can go out with my friends, but there‘s no metal here.

Branko: Which bands inflenced you the most? I guess, they all should be big death / black Metal acts...

Duke Satanael: When I was a teenager I was listening to much industral and gothic. I´ve already described how I got to play black metal. One of my favourite bands was THE CURE. GODKILLER is changing every day, but I´m quite sure that this band will stay a death metal band. However, I think I´ll insert some electro-sounds in new songs.

Branko: But, you had your first real success with the "Rebirth..." MCD, and that was pure black metal. Aren´t you thinking about doing that kind of music again?

Duke Satanael: This is my past, I´m never going to play black metal again. I just hope that nobody will feel dissapointed about the new release, but everything changes. I don´t want to stay at one point, GODKILLER will always change a bit.

Branko: Any tour plans?

Duke Satanael: Yes, there are plans for a tour through Italy and France, but there´s nothing concrete yet. Wounded Love are organizing everything right now, but if everything works out, there shoud be a tour at the end of the year.