Country: Poland
Style: pagan black metal
Questions by: Andy Harris
Answers supplied by: Rob Darken (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards)

When did GRAVELAND form, and why?

- I formed GRAVELAND in 1992. First, I played alone. I recorded "Necromanteion" and "Omenemeton".  Then Capricornus joined me and we recorded the lengendary demo «In The Glare Of Burning Churches».  Then fucking traitor Karcharoth joined us and we recorded «The Celtic Winter», «Carpathian Wolves», and «Thousand Swords». Because of the mental disease we got rid of Karcharoth and now I play only with Capricornus again.  In Autumn '96 we recorded our third LP/CD «Following The Voice Of Blood».  In GRAVELAND I realise my destiny.  Gods take care of me and my deeds.  I foretell the 'rebirth of paganism' and I have to wake up the pagan identity in all white people, the pride of the white pagan warrior!

How was the response to the first GRAVELAND demo?

- I like «In The Glare...» very much.  Most people say that the title of this demo is the best title among all black metal releases.  Some time ago No Colours Records released the CD and vinyl version of this demo.  Music from «In the Glare...» is maybe primitive but permeated by true deep hatred against Christianity... thanks to this demo many people got to know GRAVELAND and started to respect us.
How is GRAVELAND received in Poland?  Are you in contact with any bands in the area?

- I have many fans in Poland.  I get many letters, and every day someone visits me.  Unfortunately, now I have not got enough time to spend it with my fans.  I am really very busy.  I am in contact with almost all true black metal bands from Poland as FULLMOON, THUNDERBOLT, CAPRICORNUS, THOR’S HAMMER, etc.  We support each other.
What is your opinion of the Polish christian death metal band, CONDEMNATION?

- I do not understand how christians can play death or black metal.  It is funny.  Metal is connected with Satanism, evil, etc.  I have never listened to bands as CONDEMNATION or HORDE.  It is lack of time to write about them.

What needs to be banned or destroyed in Poland?

- In Poland there are many things that should be banned or destroyed.  Now jews and communists have control over this country so one of our main aims is to get rid of them all.  Polish government sell Polish bands to rich people from Germany and other West European countries.  There people do not care about Poland and most rich people from Germany are jews hidden themselves under German names.
What do you think of the German and American black / death scenes?

- I think that German scene is strong, stronger than (for example) Norwegian. I get many letters from Germany, I am in contact with some new true black metal bands.  Besides I record LPs for No Colours Records from Germany and I am very satisfied with cooperation with them.  Many German bands cannot demonstrate their NS ideas because of the problems with the police.  I have to say that I do not know any great bands of black metal from the United States.  But in your own country there are many people faithful to black metal ideas.  I have many letters from them.  Some time ago I was in contact with Eric from RAHOWE but RAHOWE is not a death / black metal band.  But I support their socialist ideas and deeds.  I am a heathen so I am a socialist and I think that paganism is the only true way to secure the White World. We must remember and spread the idea of the word supported by Wotans Volk. The best band from your country is BLACK FUNERAL.  I like it very much. Hail to BLACK FUNERAL!
When can we expect a new recordings from your band?

- In Autumn '96 I and Capricornus recorded «Following The Voice Of Blood» that is now released on No Colours Records.  This LP brings cool breath of war and cruel hatred against christianity.  I hope it wakes up pagan identity in your souls.  Now we work for stuff for miniCD.  Right after No Colours release it, I will start work on LP for LORD WIND in the winter / spring of 1998.

Will you be using the same session drummer for future releases?

- Yes, Capricornus is my session drummer because it suits him.  He has his own ideas of NS and Satanism, but we support one another.  We had some problems with recording «Following...» because Capricornus was to be prisoned. Fortunately, he is free.  But if he had been prisoned, I would have had to use other drummer.

Are you driven by a specific philosophical or political opinion?

- I am a pagan.  I am connected with Celtic faith and traditions.  I try to develop my spiritual power, knowledge about pagan traditions and customs. As a pagan,  I hate christianity because jesus-jew-worshippers killed my pagan ancestors.  I support my pagan brothers (Slavs from Poland) and Wotans Volk.  As a pagan I am socialist.  So I support every act of nationalism.  I have many friends among pagan skinheads especially from Poland, Germany, France, etc.  I try to live according to Natures law where the strongest survive, no mercy for the weak, cripples, etc.  I am not connected with any political party but there is no political party that inheritly supports my ideas and opinions.

Last pagan blasphemies...

- I would like to thank you for this interview and support.  I hope that my music and my words wake up pagan identity in your souls, show you the true way of white pagan warrior!  Glory for pagan aryan empire!  Heil!

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