Country of origin: Russia
Style: pagan metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by the whole band

Before we’ll begin answering your questions, we’d like to make the
following statement:
Actually, we’re not fond of answering interviews too much, and, moreover, we don’t like the fact of TEMNOZOR’ being featured in the same issue with such bands as ORTHANC. There’re only two reasons explaining why we finally decided to appear in your mag with this interview. Firstly, it’s our first chance to declare our position (hmm, perhaps ‘opposition’ is more appropriate word) through ‘zine. Secondly, we found your questions rather sensible and non-typical. We considered a talk with you suitable in order to set forth our views to those who are not acquainted with us and our band. We didn’t have such a possibility earlier. However I think that further we won’t appear in the same magazine with the bands whom we deeply disdain.

First of all, I'd like to hear a brief bio of your band...
- The band was born in the year of 1996. In the beginning, it was a trio: Thur on vocals, Vulko - guitars, keyboards and Leshy as a drummer. Three months passed and right after first demo tape was recorded. It included three tunes: «Maslenizza», «Did - Dub - Snop» and «Be Oden Narod Slavensk». Then, our forces were joined by Kudiar as permanent bassist. We also made a couple of attempts to experiment with solo guitar, that’s why we took Rostislav. This lineup escaped changes during two years, but soon our musical concept endured few metamorphosis which led to the expulsion of both, solo- and bass- guitarists. Then TEMNOZOR’s activities were frozen for a while - this break was over only in Winter of 1998 when we were signed to Stellar Winter Records. In June we completed the recording of our debut full-length CD. Currently, we’re working on the new material. Expect our debut CD soon, released through Stellar Winter Recs.
Thur: By the way, I feel I should say that TEMNOZOR’ IS NOT a side-project of our drummer like some say, it’s a valuable band which was formed by me and Vulko, while Leshy joined us three months later.
Does anyone of you possess musical education? And, by the way, what do you think about it - I mean, is this thing necessary for a self-esteeming musician nowadays?
- Well, Vulko has a musical education (he’s a voltornist). Thur studied subtleties of piano’s play for six years but later was forced to break off his studies, since he had to leave for Germany for a couple of years. Leshy also studied in musical school for some time, but he didn’t manage to finish it. As to the second part of your question, we don’t think that we need any papers to create such kind of music as we compose, i.e. sincere, the one which comes straight from our hearts...
No doubts that your voice is the strongest point of TEMNOZOR... How can you manage to sing in such a great way and, also, so skillfully? Did you practice singing anywhere before TEMNOZOR?
Thur: All «clean» vocal parts on our promo tape were performed by the session singer. I performed the same parts during rehearsals since while now I don’t consider myself enough skillful singer when it comes to studio work. However, I believe that in the nearest future I will perform all vocals, at least I’m going to seriously develope my singing.
Whom do you consider as the most talented singers in black metal scene worldwide?
Thur: Never thought about it - I simply don’t care. As to the guy who sang in a «clean» voice on our promo, he considers Fenriz a very capable and talented singer.
Leshy: Varg Vikernes.
Gorruth @ Stellar Winter Rec. told me that your band's debut CD soon should be released through his label... Any comments on this deal?
- We are very pleased with the way our work with Stellar Winter turns out. We don’t feel ourselves limited when it comes to the payments for the recording, besides they helped us with the equipment we needed. Of course, they demand a lot from all those who wish to sign with them (it doesn’t regard only the music itself). Those who play music lacking any kind of ideology or other wimps whose most desirable aim is ‘to be issued decently’. Otherwise, «What do you want for nothing?» Stellar Winter is not a usual label.
What is your opinion regarding B.M.B., as well as other bands collaborating with this organization (f.ex. SUNCHARIOT and FULLMOON RISE)?
Thur: Unfortunately I’m still unfamiliar neither with Wolfgast, nor with Stanislav of SUNCHARIOT, but their music appears as something I truly like; besides I’m more than sure that B.M.B. associate only with serious and dedicated individuals.
What do you think of contemporary Russian BM scene in general? (the same question goes for unholy bands from your hometown, Obninsk...)
Leshy: Unfortunately, we can’t even talk about any «contemporary BM scene».  We may behold only a sort of a cheap circus with clowns in the shape of SATARIAL, jewish MOR (Moscow) with alcoholic Leshy (Livshitz) as the leading force, Kazakh THRON’ and alike ‘bands’. Those who are really worth something, who are utterly sincere in their activities, intentions and feelings (I’m talking about FULLMOON RISE, DRAUGWATH, SUNCHARIOT and WOODS OF FALLEN) unfortunately only struggle for the formation of the REAL black metal scene. As to Obninsk, it even can’t be taken into the account... Ha, though I may tell you of few most outstanding Obninsk’s morons. Once, there was a band called ECLIPSE with a lineup of 14-15 year old kids, who tried to do something in the vein of «doom - black». Of course, right after we got informed of their purposes, we told them: «it’s not for you, brainless ones, don’t even try». Surely, they lulled for a while, but shortly after began to rehearse again... Then we explained them one simple thing, i.e. if we will ever hear about their participation in the music which is sacred to us, they may kiss their wretched ass goodbye. Some time passed, and I was heaped up with various funny notes, signed by «mysterious» and «highly original» names, such as Pentagram and Dark Knight, telling me that I’m «condemned to death». So we had to erase this worthless band by force. This is the way ECLIPSE became defunct. We simply forbade them to play anything, because we don’t wish to tolerate teen clowns near us, profanating the very meaning of our lives. Further, we’re going to act in the same way with all those who will cross our way. But that’s not all. Here we also have one more precious joke called STILL HORROR (recently renamed to NECROPSY). So, there was a kid namely Alex Ivanov who discovered SATYRICON a year ago and... wow, now he’s Frost, a «mighty satanist», heh heh... Shortly after he decided to form a BM band, however there was one resistance - have you ever saw a black metal band with guitarist as the only member? Therefore, Frost found a drummer, with a wonderful surname - Israelian. Good drummer for a good «Slavonic pagan metal band» (gigles). They spawned a couple of demos, while this band’s concept was described by newly-fledged ‘Frost’ in a following way: «Fucking conceive two fucking hills man, and a fucking sun shining, a fucking brook streaming, and fucking vikings fucking march there. And yeah fucking Jesus and various fucking aliens wandering near...» Rather sad, I’d say... But unfortunately that’s not all. STILL HORROR had an aim to release «pagan demo» through certain Moscow label. Surely, we’re always ready to help (gigles); together with B.M.B. guys we even tried to sign them to Pagan Wisdom Productions - we simply decided that such kind of bands should be signed to labels of the same kind, i.e. childish and utterly worthless. Ah, it’s really a pity that it didn’t turn out the way we wanted due to our idleness. But they recorded a demo anyway... These kids asked me to help them with backing vocals, and, hmm, I’m always happy to do it (gigles). Especially taking into account the fact that I’m the same singer as bear is the ballerina... You can’t even fancy anything more disgusting (grins). What about good, sincere laughter lasting for ten minutes? Then I’d recommend you to listen to this... hmm... creation - seems like all those who participated in it’s recording had a very good time (with an exception for Frost-Ivanov, of course)... But everything ends someday, and we had to erase this band as well. Guys from B.M.B. told Alex that if he would ever make any attempts to perform some sort of black or pagan metal, his lifetime will be much shorter. Now he wears SATARIAL t-shirt and plays... guess what? Nonono, you’re wrong - it’s ‘grind-doom’ (laughs).
Thur: In fact, ECLIPSE and STILL HORROR were not the only ones who had to split up thanks to our efforts, we also made plenty of other childish bands to stop their way. You see, we do it for the Purity of our Movement (at least in our hometown) getting rid of various children and permanently drunken headbangers who have no principles or ideals.
RAKOTH comes from the same town as you do, and their music is also worth attention (at least, in my opinion), moreover - you seem to permanently associate with each other... Any comments on relations between you and aforementioned band?
- Getting back into the past, I should say that RAKOTH was formed by Thur, Vulko and Leshy, i. e. those who appear as TEMNOZOR’ at the given moment. In the beginning the band was called BeDevil and possessed a concept, which conformed to that (former) name. Later we invited Rustam (i.e. the current leader of RAKOTH) who immediately began to advocate his ideas inspired by ‘fantasy’ writings. It wasn’t the kind of thing we appreciated, so we quit the band and later, Vulko together with Thur gave birth to TEMNOZOR’. Rehearsals took place at Vulko’s flat with drum-machine. Leshy returned to BeDevil (already renamed to RAKOTH). He absolutely wasn’t interested in Rustam’s ideas consequently when he finally had a chance to rehearse with TEMNOZOR’, he gave up his dayjobs there.
Leshy: RAKOTH are of no interest to us, and I guess that WE are of no interest to them. We care about real life, the lands of Russia as well as their fate, while «Middle Earth», «Hjorvard», etc. are something we don’t give a damn about. As to RAKOTH... Let them do what they want. At least, (fortunately) they can’t be defined as ‘childish band’.
Thur: RAKOTH and TEMNOZOR’ are absolutely different bands, having nothing in common. As to our relations... well, personally I consider RAKOTH’s creations quite worthy, however their ‘ideas’ do not excite me at all...
Are you familiar with the Moscow's TEMNOZOR?
Leshy: No, but I’m slightly familiar with their label, Strely Peruna («Arrows Of Perun» in English - ED).
What is your view on being ‘true’ and ‘false’? Do we really need to care about people's attitude more than about their music?
Leshy: Yes, it’s necessary, I believe.
Thur: I think that these two notions («true» and «false») were distorted by treatments of various morons. To be «true» doesn’t mean to play as primitive as possible, issue tapes recorded at your living room or kitchen, speckle demo covers with high-flown watchwords and paint the faces. Why do we call BM makeup a ‘corpsepaint’? Because when you paint your face you try to transform yourself into some kind of another being, speaking plainer - the corpse or the undead. It absolutely doesn’t fit those kids who play doomy music and sing about unrequited love to diverse ‘female vampyres’... When it comes to pagan bands, pretending to be «true», truth doesn’t consist on reading «veles’ scrolls», thank it, publish idiotic magazines and calendars with amusing content, dedicated to this topic. To be «true» doesn’t mean to paint your face in a ‘right way’ or write lyrics set on Scandinavian sagas. For me, to be «true» is to be sincere. Sincere in my life and work, in my words and verses. And you should know that Sincere words are non-existent without further realization.
All of your lyrics are in Russian and that's a great thing in my opinion... I just can't understand such bands as GODS TOWER, for example - i.e. the ones, who consider themselves to be paganists, while their lyrical creations (based on Slavonic folklore) are written in foreign language!
- Once I asked these «heathens», why don’t they sing in their native language. «We fear to look like fools» was their answer. AND WE DON’T.
Let me ask you rather typical question... What is the main goal behind your band?
Leshy: We express ourselves in the light of our work. Personally I see the purport of my life in the shape of devotion to our Gods, whom we fancy the way our ancestors saw them, i.e. as personalities, no less specific than we are.
Thur: The struggle for the purity of our ideals is an inalienable part of our work; I’m talking about the fight against so-called ‘neo-heathens’, those who profane our Ideals and Faith, bringing atheistic and rationalistic elements into them, frequently even substituting it for their far-fetched ideas.
Ok, now it's time for more abstract themes... The word ‘evil’ is being often mentioned by enormous number of people involved into black metal scene nowadays, hence, can you tell me what is ‘evil’ to you (I mean your personal interpretation of this concept...)?
- Well, first of all, we are not pure BM band, and no doubts that we doesn’t have anything in common with the notion of ‘Evil’ in black metal. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we are so peaceful. We regards ourselves as Warriors, who definitely may be obsessed by cruelty and anger sometimes, however these are not the only feelings we possess. After our forefathers, we worship many Gods, including those who are considered ‘evil’ by someone. For example, Czernoboh, Lutobor, whose name is often being mentioned in our works. We see Evil as manifestation of His will.
Do you think it's really possible to erase christianity and enthrone paganism in our country? Personally I'm glad that both, paganism and satanism, are in the deep underground, because if one of them turns into something ‘popular’ or ‘mass-worshipped’, the true spirit of paganism will die due to it's ‘mass character’ - don't you think do? While now, it has many false followers, but true ones fortunately prevail, mostly because it doesn't bring any profit at all... But when money will enter the game, false ‘heathens’ will grow in number, day by day...
- Yes, I believe that perishment of christianity is possible at the moment, however pagan revival will stay only a dream until modern civilization based on materialism and judaism is annihilated. And it demands much time and strength. Thank Gods, we are vigorous enough. So-called «heathenism» (I call it Faith) appeared as the true faith of the whole nation of Russia centuries ago. That’s why I think that mass character doesn’t harm «heathenism», but only when we can talk about Nation, not pathetic non-entities we have to deal with now. Besides, I’d like to disagree with you, since I believe that false «heathens» already prevail over the true ones. It’s good self-advertisement for some. Besides, as you say ‘money entered the game’ and we already can behold those who gain their authority, ‘playing’ with «heathenism», whose true essense is far beyond their wretched minds. Since the very origin of pagan trend in Russia, shrill screams of fidelity to true Slavonic Gods became rather profitable. That’s why before passing on to overt war, we have to cleanse our own ranks. To get rid of people selling their «ideals» is the principal aim now, because if they trade with their «convictions», talking about «heathenism» mainly in order to shock the crowd, they’ll easily sell out their hypothetical comrades...
Seems like that's all I wanted to ask you about... I hope you wouldn't mind to say few words in conclusion?
Thur: Nevetheless we’d like to thank you for the given opportunity to publish our views for the first time, and counsel you (as well as your mag’s readers) to escape believing in various rumours regarding us, because basically we don’t associate with anybody (all the more in our hometown), thus if someone says that he disposes of certain info concerning our band, it’s conjecture or simply lies... Also I’d like to advise the VAE SOLIS readers to think about the future of our Land, our Race and our nation. If most of you will act the same way, trying to break the chains of judeo-christian slavery and consequences of it’s noxious impact (i.e. disastrous ecological, demographic and geopolitic state of the whole White Race) speaking a lot but doing nothing, then soon there will be nothing and nobody to save. We have to act now. It’s not an appeal to start demagogic debate of the detriment of judeo-chrisian culture (do you really think that ‘it’ may be defined as «culture»? - ED) and it’s produces in the shape of technocracy, democracy, internationalism, pacifism and atheism (yes, atheism is also the very natural product of that rotten civilization). It’s not an appeal to create numerous «black» bands, childishly branding christianity, it’s not an appeal to write articles about «idiotic religion». It’s the appeal to real, precisely planned actions. I guess, those who need it, already understood what I’m talking about... and others simply are of no interest to me. Praise Russia! Hail the White Race! Support the forthcoming War!

P.S. Gorruth's label was renamed to «Stellar Winds Records»

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