Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 17:41:35 +0100
From: G Force <>

> "French Drakkar Productions released only absolutely worthless CDs
> Are you sure what you are talking about? Are you the kind of
> teenage nit wit who likes to jerk off listening to "nice cleened"
> black metal with romantic female vocals and keyboards instead of
> the real bare bones variant?

KMS: First of all, let me clear up everything's regarding my age:
a) if certain "teen" or a couple of them start the band, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's not worth your shit. I'm familiar with lotsa people in their 30ties and they're no less idiots.
b) I left my "teens" far behind a long time ago. And just by the way,
isn't it you who act yourself like some fucking moronic teenager?

> nit wit who likes to jerk off listening to "nice cleened" black
> metal with romantic female vocals and keyboards instead of the real
> bare

KMS: Music is what I care about in the first turn. MUSIC, you see. I don't
care neither about originality nor about sound quality, if I'm fascinated by musical canvas. GRAVELAND is one of my favorite bands (along with early BEHEMOTH) - and I guess that explains a lot. Rob managed to force unique atmosphere, and that regards all of his works. Unfortunately I can't say the same regarding MUTIILATION. Y'know, this kind of behaviour is rather simply explained: those who can't handle their instruments properly, prefer to accuse everyone in being "posers" or whatever - but what the hell does it have to do with music?! Music is music, statements are statements, accusations are accusations. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, black metal isn't only music - BUT message behind it shouldn't prevail.

> Have you still not gotten the message? Do the words
> "black metal is like a book, its not about the quality of the print
> or how nice the leather finishing is, its about the content that
> lies within" have any meaning at all?

KMS: Would you read a book written by mentally retarded person? MUTIILATION can't fucking PLAY. They are NOT musicians. So why should I respect 'em? Why should I respect TORGEIST?! There aren't capable of creating anything: no music, no atmosphere, nothing. Just pure commercialism. Surprised? Ok, let me explain. Underground is no less business than anything else. If you've sold at least ONE cd, you're already a businessman. If you're so fucking true, why should you sell and distribute your releases? Actually, why do you have to record 'em? Go on, sit in your stinking cave, eat rats and NEVER EVER try to play anything using more than 1 chord. MUTIILATION is what I call a poser band. Even DIMMU BORGIR seem to be more sincere in what they're doing. At least, they'd never tell you that they're playing music just for pleasure.

> If anything is worthless it must be you. Black metal isnt about
> loving decadent jewish cock sucking bands, its a musical
> destillation of sorrow, mysanthropy, tragedy and torture.

KMS: Perhaps. But neither MUTIILATION nor TORGEIST, as well as all these
newborn "true elitists", none of them doesn't have anything to do with sorrow, misanthropy, tragedy and torture. The only torture they've ever witnessed and are feared of, is their father who, coming home after work, kicks all the shit out of these greenhorns. And he's absolutely right.
And just by the way: where have you seen me writing that all of the Drakkar releases are worthless???