Country of origin: Chile
Style: epic black / doom / heavy metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Doomicus (vocals and whispers)

Please give us a brief background on BEWITCHED and how you guys got

- See the bio... There is no more a complete BEWITCHED history than this! (well, actually I asked you to introduce BEWITCHED to the READERS, not me... - ED)

As far as I remember, split LP with Finnish F-UNCUNT was the first-ever official release from BEWITCHED, and since it doesn't seem to be available anymore, telling few words regarding it would be nice... What about F-UNCUNT? What kind of band are they?

- It was our first-official release after of our three demos, also it was recorded and mixed in five hours during February '93. And it was released on July '93. About F-UNCUNT (Finnish), they are not related with us in any sense!!! Despite the split was sold very well because of BEWITCHED's grimness of course.

I know that any kind of questions concerning the band's past are boring, but I just can't help it... Therefore sorry, but what about "Hibernum In Perpetuum"? It was released as a limited edition CD and I fear it's sold out now, so are there any plans to re-release it?

- Yes, it was released as a ultra limited edition CD by the RIP OFF and bullshit label of PICOROCO RECORDS (ask how rip off is Picoroco Records to Invasion, Malicious, etc.) in Feb. 1996 after a big delay. Although it was recorded in September '93, and you are right it's sold out since a couple of years ago. "Hibernum In Perpetuum" will be re-released in late '99 by Conquistador / Supernal Music with a new mastering, new lay-out including an EP'99 as bonus track!!!

Why did you leave Picoroco Records? If I'm not mistaken, they have
promoted you pretty well...

- Do you work with a Rip Off?? It would take so long and tedious to explain you all the Picoroco bullshit... Even he ripped off his own father adulterating his sign in a bank transaction, you can believe that?...

How did you get a deal with Conquistador? Moreover - why exactly them? You know, back in 1997 they were just regular neophyte label with absolutely no releases behind them, so signing a deal with 'em was rather venturesome step in my view...

- It was the best offer that we got during that time, after all the bullshit that we went through with Picoroco Records...

Once, back in 1992 / 1993, you have nearly inked a deal with Holy
Records... but it never came out in the shape of a record deal or anything else. I wonder what were the reasons for your refusal? Or was it Holy who declined the forthcoming transaction?

- They wanted us to changed our music style into the 90's cliche doom metal style ala MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA stuff... And we are more into classic doom style (CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS), the 80's heavy metal and black metal. Then I didn't wanted to follow their instructions and I left the time goes on... They ripped me off with a couple of DAT's...

Is there any explanation for such a huge delay between the
"Dragonflight's" recording and release dates?

- The problem were with the Picoroco stuff and Nazgul Eyrie Productions. Ask to Alex from Supernal about it! (ask him, ask them, ask anyone but you... - ED)

BEWITCHED is a trio according to Conquistador's promo sheets, however the "Dragonflight" cover says that there're five members in the band! Was it some kind of printing mistake or else Anganamon and Mayhem aren't playing in the band anymore?

- No, it wasn't a printing mistake, the thing was when "Dragonflight" came out they had already been fired from the band! Now there are more changes in our line-up because the drummer Snow is not longer in the band and our new members are: Warhammer (drums); Blinder (guitars); Astralis Domina (keys) and J.P. (bass) besides of the founder members: Arahn Evil (guitars) and me, Doomicus (whispers and thermonuclear temperament)

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but something tells me that you guys are heavily influenced by old school heavy metal (RAVEN, MERCYFUL FATE (especially them!), etc etc etc)? Am I correct here?

- RAVEN not at all, but MERCYFUL FATE you are TOTALLY right!... And tons of many more.. you can check all of them in our CD booklet...

BEWITCHED seems to be very skillful band when it comes to such thing
as musicianship... Hence, I wonder how long did you practice playing your instruments? Also it might be interesting to know what kind of studio equipment and instruments were utilized by you during "Dragonflight's" recording sessions?

- We don't rehearse very often... Only when we are going to enter to the studio or before any important gig... About the equipment that you are asking it were the usual... Marshall amps, Tama Drums, Fender guitars, etc.

Why did you decide to place Orff's "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" as an
intro? Did you do that because SEPULTURA once performed the same thing on their "Morbid Visions" LP?

- NO, DEFINITELY NO!!!! Because I have never ever been SEPULTURA fan... If it were by using it by another bands it would be DESECRATION demo (Mike Sus project), ONSLAUGHT or Ozzy (in his concerts)... Don't you believe that I use also Carmina Burana because Michael Jackson uses it during his concerts also??? (oh, he does? - ED) I only think it was pretty cool to use it!

"Rainfall" features some female vocals and it seems like this girl
is singing in... Norwegian?????

- Yes, it was a sample version that we took from a norwegian folklorish girl. This song is one of the most popular folklorish song in Norway....

It's quite strange (and entertaining) to read lyrics dealing with snow, winter and suchlike themes written by a Chilean band, don't you think so? In fact, have you ever witnessed a real severe winter over there, in Chile?! And I beg your pardon, but Wotan is a Norse god!!!

- It's noticed that the European people is very ignorant about geography!!!!! If you look up Chile in the globe you will notice Chile is the most southern country in the world! And it's very often that there are some places during winter the temperature was under -10 degress Celsius... (Do you really think that -10 means coldness and frost??? - ED) Besides the Chilean south is fully of ancient forest, glaciars, and mountains more higher than any in Europe... Yes, I know Wotan is norse god, but I ask you... If there is any person who worship the Jewish Roman god???? Besides most of bands from Germany, England, Norway (not all of them), Sweden even your country deal with Babylonian and Sumerian gods... Why does MANOWAR talk about vikings and stuff if they are americans??? Or ICED EARTH coming from a warm area such like Florida???

Would you like to get us acquainted with Chilean black metal scene? What about such bands as MJOLNER, POEMA ARCANUS and TORTURER?

- BEWITCHED is beyond from black metal scene ( = arrogance? - ED)... We are BEWITCHED!!!! MJOLNER was a one time side project of ambient music... POEMA ARCANUS is a cool 90's doom metal band and TORTURER is a shit!

Is there anything you'd like to tell us regarding your personal philosophy? Speaking generally, are you a religious person?

- No, I am not a religious person... I believe in the power of the nature and the willing and human independence... All of these concepts are against the christian faith and other religions!

Has anyone ever done anything sick in the name of BEWITCHED?

- Nothing serious, just having profaned and then burned some human bones when we played some gigs during our 1996 invernal tour!

What do you know (and think) about Russia? Any Russian metal bands you've heard lately?

- Not too much, just Russia is country that has gone through by some
political and corruption problems... Besides of having suffered some hot temperatures lately in Moscow!... I have heard some from NOKTURNAL MORTUM and MENTAL HOME...

Have you heard about Swedish BEWITCHED? You were the first ones to use this monicker, so it's obvious that they don't have any right to name their band like that!

- Yes, I know them before they release their first LP... But I don't give a shit because they are like a side project and their music is not original... It's like a remembrance from the 80s rock and roll metal.

Ok, that's all for now. Any closing spells of yours?

- Be prepared for our upcoming third album taht will be recorded in August... Thanks for this web-interview and you are BEWITCHED!!!

As all of us know, each coin has two sides... Here is what Eduardo Navarrete (the label manager behind Picoroco Records) told me after he has read this interview:
"I do daily business with RELAPSE (Tom Hailey), CENTURY MEDIA (Ula Gehret), AVANTGARDE (Valerio Solinas), REPULSE (Dave Rotten), and countles others as FOLTER, EVIL HORDE, THRASH CORNER, ANCIENT CEREMONIES...
The thing about my father is simply unbelievable, my father NEVER got, neither get a bank account!!! The true reason why we ended our business relation is because our deal was only for "Hibernum In Perpetuum", we thought in do a Chilean CD version of "Dragonflight" without a contract, I asked him to assure me that both versions (PICOROCO and SUPERNAL), will be equals, he gave me his word, but soon after, a friend of both us told me that he gave another track to SUPERNAL, without telling me, (this track is the MERCYFUL FATE cover), then I backed, because no one will want the PICOROCO version with a track less. I never told him that I knew about his lie, in order of not reveal the friend of both us who told me.
It is sad that you could publish that bunch of lies, but as I told you  before always there is, at least two sides of a history."

I decided to publish these words, since I feel that Doomicus (a.k.a. Aldo) is not the only one whose words should be utterly trusted. Let each side speak and see who's right...

Here are the contact addresses for BEWITCHED and Picoroco Records:
P.O. Box 87-3, Santiago 3, CHILE
Fax: +56 (2) 3003511