Country of origin: Russia
Style: pagan metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by the whole band

Salve. Your first "official" recording (in the shape of "Veles" MC) has been out for quite a long time now... What kind of feedback have you received?

- We received very positive replies as from the Russian and other ex-Soviet audience, as all over the world. Some people even name BUTTERFLY TEMPLE as best Russian pagan metal act.

Could you please tell us more in regards to the previous works of yours? As far as I know, they stood far from black metal...

- Not at all. The music on our first demo tape “Nahaimal” can be classified as antichristian doom metal with some avant-garde influences. It was created before the time, when we turned to the Slavic belief. Second work, entitled “Black Glory”, was Slavonic metal – strange mixture of mid-tempo black metal and doom metal full of traditional themes. And all our next works were Slavonic metal. But, before we found BUTTERFLY TEMPLE we had a number of side projects. Its music varied from electronic ambient to melodic black metal. After we’ve recorded “Black Glory” all of them were closed and we concentrated on BUTTERFLY TEMPLE. Currently, we have some musical and conceptual ideas, which will be released in other than BUTTERFLY TEMPLE musical projects.

Someone told me that you’ve paid a lot for the “Veles” recording session; hence, I feel it had to sound much more impressive in terms of producership, don’t you think so?

- The sound of “Veles” album is not so good as we wanted to hear (especially, the guitar’s sound), but we don’t want to re-record or remix it. “Veles” is the past and currently we’re working under our new album, “Koleso Chernoboga”.

What about reissuing “Veles”? As far as I know, CDM Records are the ones who’re going to do that… Am I correct? If so, when will we be able to purchase this edition? Furthermore, will it look (and sound) the same? I mean, aren’t you planning to use another coverart and remix (rerecord, remaster) the album?

- Yes, CDM Records reissued «Veles» in the MC format. This new edition is already available in the rock-stores all over the Russia and it’s distributed by Latvian Beverina Distribution. However, we aren’t satisfied with distribution of CDM in other ex-Soviet countries – for example, we are getting the letters from Ukraine with questions “Where can be bought your tapes?” Also, we are still looking for label to publish “Veles” and our new album in CD format. As we mentioned in the previous question we do not plan to remix “Veles”. About cover… It has minor changes, mainly in layout, not in cover artwork.

What about Abrey, Ksenya and Dina, the session vocalists who participated in the “Veles” recording? Where have you found them? Also, is it Ksenya or Dina who sings on “Hymn”?

- Abrey, Ksenya and Dina are our good friends, besides BUTTERFLY TEMPLE they work in their own musical projects. Abrey sings in hard’n’heavy band VELVETOVIY ORKESTR; Ksenya sings in blues band SAKHARNAYA MAMA and Dina came from Russian mission in Turkey, where she sang in local pop-band. In 1999 Dina left our band at all. Vocals on “Hymn” performed by Ksenya.

Whose idea was to invite saxophonist? You know, I must admit it sounds undoubtedly refreshing!

- It was Aven’s (keyboards) idea to use sax in our album, because he was interested in this instrument some time ago.

“Veles” features only two songs with lyrics in English, “Abscent” and “Hymn”… What are they telling about; besides that, what roused you to choose Russian as the main language for the verses of yours?

- Lyrics in “Abscent” and “Hymn” are based upon the poetry of Edgar A. Poe. Why we are using Russian language? Because we are Russians!...

Let’s discuss your image and attitude for a while... In my view, it’s strongly soaked with the spirit of pre-christian lands of Russia? Well, most of your song-titles speak for themselves! And here comes a question... are you true to your beliefs? I mean, when I interviewed EINHERJER, they told me it’s only image of theirs, while all these viking sagas are no more than just tales entertaining to read through before falling asleep…

- We do not think that this is correct question and therefore we do not want to answer on it (get used to the fact you won't be answering only "correct" questions in time to come... - ED).

Could you please on those so-called "pagan celebrations" you arrange each year?

- We organize the celebration of the four main Slavic feasts – Kolyada, Spring Equinox (Maslenitsa), Kupala, Autumn Equinox. For more information you must contact us directly.

Are you in contact with any Russian bands? Whom would you mark out as the most promising acts?

- Yes, we keep in touch with some Russian bands – ASHEN LIGHT (black metal), ETERNAL SICK (trash-shock), VOICELESS VOID (doom metal) and good Ukrainian guys – SEVENTH EVIDENCE (psychedelic metal).

And last but not least, why “Butterfly Temple”? Does it symbolize anything?

- Five years ago the stars in the spring full moon night sky whispered us our name. Why “Butterfly Temple”? Because our music is as blazing and mysterious as pattern on the wing of butterfly. Also, in Ancient beliefs butterfly is the soul of the dead wizard.

Ok, we’ve come to an end. If there’s anything you always wanted to say in a worldwide medium, this is your chance…

- We are awaiting your letters… Love your Motherland!


Butterfly Temple
P.O. Box 17
117313 Moscow