Country of origin: Austria
Style: death metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Wolfgang Weiss

First of all, give us a brief history of CADAVEROUS CONDITION…

- Formed 1990.
CD "In Melancholy" 1993
CD ""For Love" I Said" 1995
MCD "Eisbar 90210"  1995
CD "Tryst"  1997

Would you like to share the latest news from your band’s camp with us? Did you release anything since “Tryst”?

- "Tryst" was our last release so far, we will record and release our new material in 2000. In between we recorded an acoustic session at the cult chamber of an Austrian castle, worked with other bands (OSTARA, VAMPIR) and prepared material for compilations etc. And we licked our wounds.

Once you said that “Tryst” was just an experiment, right? What forced you to act this way and release such an album?

- I just wanted to do it. Who else would do a Split CD with a strange psychedelic act from England? And as we do not have record buying fans to lose there are no boundaries for us. And it was a platform to release our Bevis Frond coverversions and delve into psychedelic music. Nevertheless, our new material will be a lot more brutal and disturbing, again.

Tell us more on the subject of Starry Productions… I have never heard ‘bout this label and got myself acquainted with it only buying the “Tryst” CD. Hence, isn’t it a company of your own?

- Starry is the banner under which CC's activities emerge.

The rumours say that someone of CADAVEROUS CONDITION collaborated with Michael of Lethal Records and his band WERWOLF… Therefore, I have few questions regarding it. Firstly, this man is famous for being a rip-off, hence, I wonder if you ever had any problems with him on a financial basis? And secondly, WERWOLF seems to be a nazi band to me… so here comes the questions concerning your political views.

- I still count Michael Piesch to my friends. We and I never had any financial problems with him or Lethal. Some bands say that they had. Not us. I do not want to defend or offend anyone, as I do not know details. Just this: There are a lot of stupid people / bands out there everywhere who think that their CD (after having it recorded with money from the label) will sell thousands and thousands of copies and think that now the big money will be rushing in. Oh fools ye are! I do not want to waste any more thoughts on people like these, there are so many in this circus. I speak for us and we have been around for a long time now, never well-known, never hyped, but we have not been cast aside, we are not such fools to get luckily signed to a small label and then, after releasing one CD, split up and blame the label for everything. Rip Offs there may be, but losers always will lose and where are all those ripped off Lethal bands now? If they had sold so many albums on Lethal and then got "ripped off" they could have easily found a big and fine label, but tell me, where are they now? Most of them just gave up. And just because a label ripped them off? Hm, sad guys.

Let’s get back in time… for many, many years – when you just started to get into metal. Can you name us at least few metal bands whose recordings were the first ones to get you acquainted with this genre? How did it go? I mean, did you buy the LP’s yourself or was it some other way to check ‘em out…?

- In younger days I bought tapes and then LPs. I started listening to "Metal" around 1982. KISS, MAIDEN, PRIEST evolving into MERCYFUL FATE, CELTIC FROST and then to CARCASS etc. Now when listening to Metal it is MAIDEN again. I can't really associate with metal today, I hate the new "True Metal" bands and dislike these "atmospheric-medieval-gothic-black-metal-with female vocals and keyboards" stuff. Most of it just sounds like Rondo Veneziano with screams. Metal has no more extremes for me (in music, lyrics, spirit and passion). So we try to concentrate on passionate and sick songs and not on how many medieval instruments and keyboard sounds we are able to use or how gloomy we are able to look on misty photo shoots. If you have sickness and sadness deep within you do not need to show it. Right now I am constantly listening to the YAHOWHA 13 CD box set.

How did you get into the underground community?

- After advertising our demo-tapes. We have never been deeply involved with the scene, we were a bit too late for the death metal / grind explosion and now everything is black metal. But now everyone tells how "true" they are. So, where have you been way back then?

What is “art” to you? Would you dare to call CADAVEROUS CONDITION’s creations as one of the forms of art?

- Art can be everything or nothing, depending on your subjective view. As music is regarded as a form of art, I dare to call our efforts "art". After all it is just a way to express emotions. Emotions, thoughts and passion converted into music and word.

If there was a possibility of being born an animal, whom would you choose?

- I do not want to be an animal. Nevertheless: snow leopard

Do you know anything regarding Russia? What is your attitude to the country of mine as well as it’s people? Any Russian bands you’ve heard lately?

- No Russian Metal bands in my record collection, sorry. I love the works of the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky and the music to some of his films by E. Artemyev. We are hoping to play in Minsk this year and I will regard this as a highlight in my life. Ah yes and I remember as German Metal magazines hyped the band GORKY PARK some years ago, do they still exist? I truly appreciate the spirit and enthusiasm of people in Russia running a band, label or whatever under such difficult conditions.

Let’s say goodbye to each other, since this is the end of the interview… Would you like to add anything?

- Never be satisfied with what the hype tells you; it makes a fool of you. Search for spirit yourself.
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Thank you very much for the interview.