Country of origin: Finland
Style: death / black metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Manu Lehtinen (bass, backing vocals)

Have you lived in Jyvaskyla all your life? How is it growing up
there? Any brothers or sisters? Any fancy childhood tales you care to

- No I haven't, I've been living in more than 10 places around central Finland, but all of them have been located less than 100 km from Jyväskylä. I've mostly lived in landscape, besides these few last years I've been living in Jyväskylä. Fortunately I've got 3 brothers and 2 sisters with whom I could play as a kid, otherwise my life might have been pretty frustrating, living in small villages. I'm the oldest child in my family. I think I used to be so wild as a kid that i'd have lots of stories to tell, but I'm gonna tell just this one: My mother took me and my younger sister and brother with her when she left to do some shopping to a small town near us. She knew that if she'd take us in to the market with her, we'd be begging for goodies all the time, so she told us to wait in the car. Well, we got a bit frustrated while waiting, so we decided to do something fun. There was an old VW Beetle parked in front of our car, so we jumped out of our car, climbed to the roof and started to go sledding from there. Well, that was fun, so we kept doing it for some time, until our mother came back and I can tell you she was really pissed off! Someone had gone to her to ask "are those kids jumping on the roof of that car yours? I hope it's your own car at least!"...  We also used to compete in running across the street just in front of cars, and the winner was the one who dared to run latest! Well, we did a lot of crazy things as a kid, but thank God we're still alive!

Tell us about your first experience in metal. Generally speaking, what got you into metal? What were some early LPs you bought and what were some of your fave early bands?

- I think my first experiences in metal were not the usual ones, since I started with Christian heavy metal, bands like STRYPER, BLOODGOOD, BARREN CROSS and others in late 80's. I think the thing that got me into metal was the intensivity and power that music had in it. I can still clearly remember the day when I first heard a heavy metal -song! I listened to that song over and over again, every day for weeks, until I got my first albums. The very first heavy metal album I got was STRYPER's "Soldiers Under Command", soon to be followed by the other STRYPER-albums and BLOODGOOD's "Detonation", BARREN CROSS' "Atomic Arena" etc... Pretty soon I started listening to heavier styles of metal, bands like DELIVERANCE, BELIEVER, THE CRUCIFIED, and finally MORTIFICATION.

Ok, here’s one more ‘history lesson’ I feel you have to lecture us. Please, introduce us the band you’re playing in as well as the label whose manager you appear…

- All right, DEUTERONOMIUM was started back in 1993 by me doing bass and vocals and my brother Jarno playing the drums. When Miika Partala joined us as guitarist, the musical journey of DEUTERONOMIUM begun. Soon the lineup was completed by another guitarist Tapio Laakso. Our musical style used to be very fast death metal/ grindcore, heavily influenced by bands like MORTIFICATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, CARCASS etc. We recorded our first demo tape "Paths Of Righteousness" in late '93 and played a couple of gigs also. In spring '94 we lost our rehearsal place and that killed the band for almost two years, until in the beginning of '96 DEUTERONOMIUM rose from the dead, releasing a new demo titled "Crosshope". At that time the lineup consisted of Miika and me. My brother had to leave the band due to his studies in another city in Finland, and we played a few gigs with a session drummer. Some other changes in lineup also took place at those days. We went to studio again in early '97 with plans to record a promo tape, which, however, ended up sounding so good that we decided to release it as a mini-CD. The release, entitled "Tribal Eagle" saw the daylight in June '97. Shortly after that we found a full-time drummer J-J Kontoniemi, and during the next winter the lineup had it's last addition this far, when another guitarist Kalle Paju, who had been in the band for a few months in the early days, re-joined the band. Since that we have been playing quite a few gigs and have released two full albums, "Street Corner Queen" in '98 and "Here To Stay" in '99. We also released a CD-single "... To Die And Gain" to support the new album. During this year we've played our biggest gigs this far: in February we played as a support act for SENTENCED, and in June we played two gigs in Holland, which of one with Australian metal masters Mortification. In early July we played with them again, this time in Finland. Well, then Little Rose Productions... the company was started in March '98 by me and Miika. I'd been dreaming about importing and selling quality Christian metal and other hard music in Finland for years, and Miika had had a dream about a metal label for years, too. Sometime in late '97 we just started chatting about our dreams and after a while we thought, "why not combine our dreams?" and so Little Rose was born. During the first 16 months we have released 5 full albums plus a new printing of the "Tribal Eagle"-EP and also the CD-single by DEUTERONOMIUM. We have 4 bands in our roster; namely DEUTERONOMIUM, LAMENT (melodic death metal from Mexico, formerly on Rowe Productions), IMMORTAL SOULS (melodic death metal in veins of IN FLAMES and Taneli Jarva-era SENTENCED) and MORDECAI (atmospheric and melodic black metal). We plan to put out 2 or 3 releases on Little Rose during the '99 and a couple more in early 2000. We also have just started a new HC/punk sidelabel, Bullroser Records, that will release 1 or 2 CDs this year. Besides publishing records, Little Rose is selling Christian metal, hardcore and punk, as well as some other alternative music by mailorder (catalog, website) and from our own little store. Plus that we distribute our own releases and also some other label's stuff in Finland. We also make graphic designs like album cover layouts, band logos, posters, brochures etc.

By the way, could you please tell us what is 'DEUTERONOMIUM'? Besides
that it’s rather hard-to-spell name, it also sounds quite strange…

- The name 'Deuteronomium' is from the Bible. It's the hebrewish name for the fifth book of Moses. The first three ones were already being used as band names: Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. The fourth one, Numeri, sounded rather stupid so we skipped it over and picked up the last one. Actually there was no deeper meaning behind it when I chose it, it just looked cool and, like you said, it's hard to spell, so it was a perfect name for a metal band!

I’ve heard both, “Street Corner Queen” and “Here To Stay” CD’s, as
well as that 7”EP, so it seems like the MCD you’ve made your debut with is the only DEUTERONOMIUM’s recording I’m not acquainted with. Therefore, what if I’ll display my interest in it? What is it all about and how does it differ from your posterior releases?

- Well, T.E. includes 4 songs: "Crosshope", "Thinking", "Tribal Eagle" and "Blue Moment". The opening track is very aggressive, goovy and heavy song, it kind of reminds me of some PANTERA and SEPULTURA-material. We usually start our gigs with it because it just blows you away! "Thinking" is more like a basic death metal-song, it's lyrics are very much like the title tells: thinking and wondering about all the evil things happening in this life. "Tribal Eagle" is a rockin', black metal-influenced song that tells an allegorical story about a tattooed eagle, representing man's search for freedom. "Blue Moment" is very melodic and atmospheric death metal-song, something like DARK TRANQUILLITY or IN FLAMES. It's been one of our hits since it was released!

Your latest album entitled “Here To Stay” has been unleashed recently. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about regarding it? Furthermore, it’s not that various as “Street Corner Queen”, why so? Did you suddenly decided to quit experimenting?

- Well, I think there're two main reasons for why it's not so diverse than SCQ was. One reason is that the songs on SCQ were written during a time period longer than two years, and the songs for HTS were written within 6 months, so I think it's very natural that the songs on SCQ had a lot more diversity between each other. The other, and, I could say, main reason is that we actually wanted to make something more solid and mature, we didn't want to experiment so much anymore. See, on SCQ we also wanted to jump around on different musical playgrounds and have a lots of different things combined together, and I think it worked for that album. But we really didn't want to continue that on our second album, we wanted to make it sound like one thing. Surely there is still some diversity between the songs (I like it that way), but not too much. I'm pretty satisfied with the sounds and production on it, it sounds really heavy, noisy and nasty! It's got some rock'n roll -feeling in it, but the sounds are very death metallic. i't kind of recent ENTOMBED meets CARCASS...

“Here To Stay” has quite intriguing cover art, portraying an old bike, abandoned, broken down, with let out tires… What does it symbolize?

- Yeah, I really like the picture, I knew it's gonna be the cover picture from the moment I first saw it! The picture fits perfectly to the title of the album: it is here to stay, it's not gonna keep goind anywhere anymore. On the other hand, the title song inverses the title: "I'm not here to stay forever, i gotta go, it won't take long...". The song speaks about the fact that the human life stops some day, we all are gonna die, and the picture just fits that too: the bike really is in the end of it's life, y'know.

Have Miika ever had any vocal training?

- Not really. He has learned all by himself over the years and I think that's been good training!

Does he have any trouble live keeping his voice hanging in there? By
the way, as far as I know, you’re responsible for backing vocals, hence the same question goes to you… Besides that, who did those “clean” vocals parts on “Street Corner Queen”?

- No he doesn't, and neither do I. I guess we have learned the right
technique so it doesn't feel bad at all. What comes to the clean vocals on SCQ, Miika did the clean male vocals and a friend of mine did the clean female vocals.

Are you happy with the way music in general has evolved over the

- Yes I'm pretty happy with that, even though I don't personally like all these new styles. I'm a metal head, I'm mostly into melodic death metal and some quality heavy metal, but I also enjoy many other styles of music. I always pay a lot of attention to the sounds, and thus I'm very pleased with the fact that most of the music made these days is well produced.

“Better for you if you’d gone swimming / With a millstone around
your neck / If you’d been thrown into the sea / With a millstone around your neck”, this is a cite from the “Millstone” track featured on “Here To Stay” CD. I wonder how do you combine such lines with the christian band’s image? I mean, christianity is told to be based on humanism, so…

- I think perfectly, since these are the words of Jesus Christ, taken from the Holy Bible. (Well, I've polished the form a bit, but the heart of the matter is still the same: during His life on earth, Jesus was very severe for the people who were intentionally leading people astray, and according to Bible, He does not change by the time. That song is not meant to judge anyone, but to warn people who keep telling lies and mocking God. Jesus says that their judgement will be very hard, so that it would even have been better for them if they were thrown into the sea with a millstone around their neck. God is not only the God of grace, but also the God of justice, and therefore all the injustice will be straightened in time. Actually, Christianity is not based on humanism, but it is based on the word of God. One of the main ideas of humanism is that man is good at bottom, when Bible tells us that ever since the Fall man has been evil at bottom, and only by the blood of Jesus we can have our evilness forgiven.

What about that appeal of yours and prayer printed in the inlay of
DEUTERONOMIUM’s latest CD? Sorry, but it sounds somehow ridiculous,
especially if you read it after listening to a couple of tunes off “Here To Stay”… Do you really think it’s possible to combine raw and furious music with that christian attitude?

- Well, I guess the previous answer pretty much explains how we see this. When it comes to combining raw and furious music with Christian belief, I cannot see any problem with it. God is the Creator of ALL, that also includes all music. Satan only perverts the things God has created, Satan NEVER created anything since he is a creature of God himself, as you may know. He used to be one of the highest angels in Heaven before he became proud and rose up in revolt against God. Actually, Bible tells us Satan used to be the worship leader in Heaven, so maybe he prefers soft music... But to get back to the point, I believe all music styles can be used either to bring glory to God or to bring glory to Satan, it's not a question of music style. I'm sure you know there's been many classical music composers
who have been satanists, like Wagner and Rachmaninov, so why couldn't there be Christian metal musicians as well?

“Here To Stay” has been financially supported by ESEK, consequently let me ask what is ESEK? Some kind of christian organization, I assume…?

- Actually ESEK is not a Christian organization, but it is a foundation supporting the Finnish music culture. Many of the finnish bands' CDs have been financially supported by ESEK, like WALTARI, STRATOVARIUS, CHILDREN OF BODOM, etc. Not just metal bands but all kind of music, I just know about metal bands since I follow the metal scene more than for example the techno scene...

Christian black metal? Are you kidding? I guess you don’t. However,
DEUTERONOMIUM sounds exactly like melodic black metal band… and musical side seems to contradict the lyrical one, at least in my view.

- Well, I don't see any problems with combining Christian lyrics with black metal music, since like I said earlier, musical styles in themselves aren't good or evil, holy or unholy, but it's the people behind the music that decide what they want to say and what kind of things they want to spread around with their songs. We've heard a lot of people saying that black metal (or metal music in common) is evil, and in my opinion it is just as prejudical and narrow-minded no matter if it's a Christian or a non-christian people who say that. I've never seen a handbook telling us which subjects you can sing about in a certain musical style, and even though I did, I would most likely not follow those rules, cause I want to decide by myself which things I can write songs about. But what comes to DEUTERONOMIUM musically, I don't think we are a black metal-band, but a death'n roll-band. On "Street Corner Queen" we had some black metal songs, but we never actually were a black metal-band, like for example MORDECAI, another Little Rose-band, are.

All in all, metal, ever since the beginning, has been thought of as satanic, and just generally as music that goes against society, therefore most of metal fans won’t ever accept a band that falls outside of this categorization. I don’t know if you consider it to be good or bad (most likely bad, heh heh), but it’s  simply a matter of fact. How does the metal mass media and fans respond to the message behind DEUTERONOMIUM? Moreover, personally I find any of so-called ‘world religions’ and metal to be incompatible things…

- I'm very surprised to read these lines in a secular metal magazine. I could expect these words from very conservative old Christians, but not from a non-christian metalhead! Funny... First of all, I have to say that I don't think metal as satanic, like you already must have noticed. I don't even think of it as a music style going against society, but as a powerful, passionate style of music that makes people feel things very strongly, and for that reason there have always been a lot of extreme things and messages mixed together with metal. I believe the people who are really into metal music are usually the kind of people who want to make things full on, y'know what I mean? Whatever they want to do, whatever they believe in, they stand 100% behind it, and that's the reason why there are so many extreme ideas involved in metal music. The same goes with Christian music too; Christian metal bands usually say things in a more direct way than the bands playing softer styles of music. I don't really pay too much attention on thinking about how do the people accept us. It's sad if people are so afraid of everything that falls outside of their narrow way of seeing things that they don't even have the guts to find out what is it really about. My experience has been that if the people FIRST hear our music and THEN find out what are we singing about, they usually are more open-minded than in the case where they have first heard that we're a band with a Christian message. I don't know if they're afraid of getting infected or something, ha ha! In February this year, we played as a support act for SENTENCED, and that gig was a perfect example of that: most people didn't know we're a Christian band, and when we started playing, they were like "hey, this band is cool!". Many people were banging their heads etc. Then I told them about Jesus Christ, and they were like "what, are these guys Christian!?! and still playing this kind of music???". Most of them listened to what I had to say, and afterwards they came to us saying things like "well, I don't agree with everything you said, but I'm still glad you guys are around". And if you'd seen the crowd, I think you'd be very surprised since they were the normal fans of SENTENCED, mostly looking very dreary.

Manu, don’t you apprehend to be featured in Vae Solis; magazine with
an anti-christian attitude, hence featuring anti-christian articles and (mostly) satanic or heathen bands? What is your opinion on radical satanic acts like DEICIDE?

- I'm not against any people, no matter what do they believe in. But I'm definitely against satanism, occultism and every other philosophy / religion that is against what the Bible teaches. Therefore I don't want to support any satanic bands, I don't listen to their music and I definitely don't buy their albums, shirts or anything else that would be supporting those bands. Of course I hear their music every now and then since I've got some non-christian friends listening to those bands, but I don't want to support what they do. One big reason for that is the fact that satanic bands are also making blasphemy of my Lord Jesus Christ, and I don't like that. Would you listen to someone mocking your girlfriend? I don't think so, and Jesus loves me so much more than any people can ever love me, so I definitely
don't want to support anyone mocking Him. I don't hate these people, so I don't see any reason why I couldn't be interviewed in the same magazines with these bands, actually I hope that more secualar magazines had guts to make interviews like this!

I could discuss religion for ages, but I fear that if we start we’ll
just bore our readers to death with 100-pages interview, so I’ll have to limit myself in few questions only. First of all, isn’t it somehow stupid to worship alien, Jewish, god?? Furthermore, in my view, a man of strong will and mind doesn’t have to worship anyone but himself, since any kind of blind faith (the one which doesn’t imply a prove of it’s deity’s existence) does nothing but enslaves him, abandons his inward life, deprives many pleasures of mind and flesh, turns him into a marrionette following countless dogmas… Why should I “turn the other cheek”??? If someone kills my mother, any of my relatives or friends, should I leave him unpunished? If I come home and see someone raping my beloved one, should I ask him to rape and kill me as well, instead of performing my vengeance upon him? Where is your god when thousand innocent children die – and they’ll never know why the sky is blue! Where is your god when villains reach the top, when scoundrels are the lords of this world? If you god is so charitable, why did he exile Adam and Eve out of Eden? Even it they commited a sin, why did he do that, if he’s that merciful??? What did you god do when inquisitors tortured little ones, women and old men, skinning them alive, cutting out their eyes, burning ‘em… in the name of god! Was he laughing at them up there, in his worthless heaven? How would you explain all that, taking into account the fact that christianity always preached humanism, charity and compassion? How would you explain that christians murdered a lot of outstanding scientists and labelled most talented musicians as “the ones who sold their souls”? How would you explain the phrases like “I didn’t come to bring peace on earth, but sword (sorry, I don’t know the exact translation). A sword to depart father from son, mother from daughter… etc”?? How would you fucking explain that Bible proclaims jews as a superiour race??? How would you fucking explain me that christianity eulogizes all that is wicked, all that is worthless, all that is crippled, all that is ugly, all those who’re of unsound mind, instead of lauding everything that is beautiful and proud, powerful and strong? The principal law of Nature says that “the strongest survives”, so let’s extol the strongest ones, why should we care about feeble and weak??? And finally, how would you explain that christianity upsets the natural balance, breaks all the possible laws of Nature with it’s principles??? All these “holy wars” when son revolts against his own father, murders in the name of your ‘precious’ god, TV lies, indulgence and countless donations, sins commited within the very bosom of the church, all that evil sowed by christian disease… how can you follow the religion which utterly discredited itself???

- Wow, you definitely got some good questions, and even though I don't understand all things in life, I'll do my best to answer them! Why do you think God is "alien, Jewish, god"? He is not a jewish god, but the only God. Jews are His chosen people, who have got a special position in history, and as you know, their history is not all victorious, but they've had to suffer a lot too. God is the God of all men, not only the jews. A man of strong will and mind!?! Do you REALLY know anyone like that? Anyone who really can always do the right things? Making things that only please our flesh doesn't make us strong, it just proves our weakness and complete inability to live like we should live. When we cannot reach our high ideals, we bring them down and decide that whatever we want to do is right. Worshiping myself would be very stupid; what is there to worship in a man who can't even control himself? My faith is not blind, but is lightened up by the Word of God, the Holy Bible. God has proved Himself in so many ways through the history and also in my life that I can't believe He doesn't exist. I myself, all people, the whole universe are proves of His existence. Of course, if someone decides not to believe what Bible tells about the creation of the world, no one can force him to believe that.
Sin is the thing that enslaves me, not faith. Jesus makes me free from all those things that you call pleasures of mind and flesh. I call them sin that enslaves my mind and flesh, and only the forgiveness through Jesus' blood can make me free. I'm not a marrionette following any dogmas. When God created man, He gave him a free mind, and that mind also makes us free to choose sin and to turn our backs to our Creator. He doesn't force anyone to believe in Him or to follow His guiding principles made to protect us, not to enslave us. It's not that I HAVE to follow these principles, but bacause of what Jesus has given to me (forgiveness of sins, hope in this life and eternal life in Heaven after this life), I WANT to follow them. All this doesn't mean that I as a Christian couldn't have fun and enjoy about my life. No, God has given us many things to rejoice, but since He loves us, He doesn't want us to hurt ourselves by using His gifts in a wrong way, and that's why He gave us the instructions, to protect us, not to ruin our life. When you buy a new VCR, you get instructions with it and if you want to learn to use it in the most effective way, you read the instructions. the same goes with the human life. If we'd read and listened to God's instructions, there'd been a lot less suffering in this world. Turning the other cheek is not easy for man, but what Jesus meant with that is that we should not take revenge on our own hands. One day God will straighten all injustice, so the evilness WILL have it's penalty. If someone kills your relative of friend or everyone else, killing him doesn't make anything better, it just makes you a murderer just like him. The society has got it's rules to punish the criminals, it's not a thing that individual people should do. If someone's raping my beloved one, I don't just have to stand there looking at it, but I would make averything I could to make him stop, that's only natural and the Bible doesn't deny that. But if then, after I had made him stop, I'd kill him, then I, again, would be just as guilty as he is. Self-defense is not wrong, but turning it into revenge is. The question of suffering is not an easy topic. Like I mentioned earlier, suffering is a logic consequence of sin. God doesn't enjoy seeing all this suffering, but when He decided to give men a free will, He also committed to respect it. All the suffering in this world is consequence of mankind's sins like hatred, selfishness, greed and so on. However, the Bible tells us that all the evilness shall have it's punishment on the Day of Judgment. No matter how much we wanted, we cannot stop the madness in this world. That fact makes some people get angry at God cause they think He doesn't care, and the other people turn to Him 'cause He is the only hope in this insane world and He has promised to put an end to this madness and suffering.
God is charitable, but he is also 100% holy, righteous and just, so He cannot look the other way when people make against His laws. God showed His mercy by sending His only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. That is the only way to be forgiven. Even in the Old Testament times there was no-one who could prefectly follow God's will, due to the fact that ever since the Paradise days the mankind has chosen to follow their own will more than God's will. But before God gave Christ, He judged people by their attitudes, I mean like if people wanted to do the right things even though they sometimes didn't succeed in that, or if they did wrong things intentionally. Adam and Eve took the fruit from the tree intentionally, they knew very well that they were not allowed to do that. That's why they did have to leave the Paradise. Sometimes when I'm facing hard times, I first think like "dammit, why did you have to eat that stinking fruit!" but when I think about that a bit more I realize I would've done exactly the same thing. We are totally dependent on Jesus' blood that washes our sinful hearts! What comes to all those horrible things you mentioned, inquisitors, holy wars and stuff like that, that has nothing to do with God! It's just about religion, which is totally different thing than living faith in Christ! I use to say "religion kills, Jesus saves". I mean, religion is nothing but dead habits, and most of the wars in the world start by religious reasons. The same goes with christianity, islam, buddhism, all religions actually. You need to understand that Jesus did NOT teach a religion, He didn't point a way but said He IS the way, the only way to God. The fact that people do many wrong things in the name of god only means that their punishment will be even harder because they've actually lead many people away from God. That's what "Millstone" tells about. You said that Christianity has always preached humanism, but that's not true. The leading thought behind humanism is that man is good at bottom, but Christianity says that ever since the Fall man has been corrupted by sin. What comes to Jesus' words about bringing sword, He used a lot of metaphors and I think with this He meant that when people decide to follow Him, they often get abandoned and separated from their family and friends, if they cannot accept their faith. Jews a superior race? There's nothing to explain in this really, since the Bible doesn't proclaim them that way. Acutally, the Bible proclaims jews as a very stubborn nation, and in the Old Testament God gets often frustrated and angry at them because they are so obstinate and don't seem to learn anything from their mistakes (well, that sounds pretty familiar with us, the people soon entering the third millennium!). So they're nothing special as human beings, but for some reason they still are God's people, His nation. Christianity does not raise weakness over strength, but it doesn't honor strength above everything else neither. The fallen mankind wants to forget the feeble and weak ones, but the love of God asks us to take care of each other, as well for those thinking they're strong enough to make it by themselves as for those who are brave enough to admit they need other people's help every now and then.
Not caring for the nature is wrong, God told man to take care of the nature and that means we as Christians should really be concerned about the nature and think about it when we make our daily choices. All this crab you mentioned, "holy" wars (in my opinion there is no such a thing as holy war!), murdering, TV preachers stealing peoples money and all other things that are so wrong even in your eyes even though you don't consider yourself as a Christian, they make me wonder if those people really can think they're doing the right thing! And if they do, I wonder if they have ever really read the Bible!!! Because those things ARE WRONG and have nothing to do with God's Word, the Holy Bible! That kind of things make me very angry because people acting like that are the false prophets Jesus warned us about, and they are getting many credulous people with them! Their fate will not be very nice in the end, but it's so wrong that people get lost because of liars like that! That is also a challenge for all true born again Christians: it is our mission to tell people the truth about Christian faith and to do our best to turn it into reality in our lives so that people could see we're not just talking some fancy words. But since we all are offspring of the fallen mankind, we need the forgiving blood of Jesus Christ every single day to wash us clean from our sins. None of us can be perfect and deserve the eternal life, no one. It's a gift from God if we believe in Christ, and we get it because of His grace, not because of our good deeds.
I am not a follower of any religion, but a follower of Jesus Christ, the one and only living God. One more thing I need to say about this subject: God has created me, so howcome could I understand His mind perfectly? I know Him a bit, but He is so immense I know I can never perfectly understand him. He has made me, so He knows me to the bottom of my heart.

Arrrgghhh, enough! Otherwise I’ll crush fucking every thing surrounding me… I become really angry when talking about christianity, you know. So let’s stop it. Let’s better apply to one more statement placed on “Here To Stay” cover: “DEUTERONOMIUM is powered by Dr. Pepper”… seems like you reject any spirits, eh? Strange, since I always thought that no Russian would ever beat Finnish in terms of drinking beer or vodka…

- Yeah, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I really think we would not make it very well if we tried to compete with you in drinking beer or vodka... but let's try it with Dr. Pepper, ha ha! Actually, we are endorsed by Dr. Pepper and that's nice, we don't have to buy our drinks for the gigs or rehearsals.
You Russians, by the way, also have got a pretty hard reputation in
drinking vodka!

Are there any rumors about the band? Which one was the most sheer nonsense you have ever heard?

- I think the most absurd thing we've ever heard was this: "DEUTERONOMIUM played a gig at metal bar Valhalla in Kuopio, and after the concert a member of a Finnish black metal-band BARATHRUM stabbed their drummer with a knife." First of all, we've never played at Valhalla, I went there once and it would be great to play there but this far we haven't done that. We've never met the guys from BARATHRUM either. I think I saw an ex-member at Valhalla but that's all...

In my view, everyone should have a Passion in whether his or her life. Everything you need is to have some kind of sacred flame inside your very soul – it might be whatever you like, you just have to find your own reason to live, reason to justify your existence. I hope you have the same point of view… and if yes, perhaps you’ll share with us what makes you to live further? And please, tell me anything you’d like, but DO NOT mention god or any religious items… I just can’t believe that ‘jesus’ is the only thing you have, to believe in and live with!

- I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but to be honest, Jesus really IS, not the only, but definitely the biggest reason for me to live. And that is very real in all meanings of the word. I've been in a situation where I was considering on jumping down from the 8th floor of a flat, and the reason why I'm still here is Jesus. I didn't want to take the risk of being separated from Him for eternity in hell. And He actually has helped me out from those times of deep depression, so He really is the biggest reason for me to live today. Reason to justify my existence? God has created me, I don't need and can't even imagine any bigger reason for that. Other very important things in my life are my lovely wife Krista and my two sons, Lassi and Waltteri. Also my love for music (band, company) keeps me going. I also enjoy many other things like movies (Star Wars, action & thrillers), cars, bonsai trees, my spider (Chilean tarantula) etc...

What do you know (and think) about Russia? Any Russian metal bands you’ve heard lately?

- I haven't been to Russia myself, the closest I've ever been was a few years ago when I visited Estonia. I know Boris Yeltsin is the head of the state but he's not in very good shape. In Finland they teach us pretty much about Russia in school, so I know many things about your country, nature and everything, but what comes to Russian metal scene, I really don't know much about it. I know a rock band that was a pretty big name in the 80's, namely GORKY PARK. Then I know this big metal magazine called Rock City, but your alphabets are so difficult that I cannot read even the names of Russian bands! :( I think I've heard some Russian metal bands in this Finnish metal radio show "Metalliliitto".

Is there anything else you’d like to share with everyone? If not, type in few words for the ones who had enough guts to read this…

- All right, if you've survived this far, you must be really interested in our band! ;) There's been pretty much talk about Christianity in this interview and I want to encourage you to think about these things for yourself. Find out if there's any sense in what I've been speaking. Read the Bible to see what it really says about things, don't believe all those prejudiced opinions, don't even believe my words, but find out what God wants to speak to you in His written Word! If you want to hear our music too, you can order the CD directly from Little Rose. Also feel free to visit our websites:
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Stay heavy!

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