Hellish greetings, my precious reader…
Here comes sixth issue as well as seventh one – in the same time. I decided to make them combined and hell knows what is the main reason for that… I guess, I did it since I made two much interviews for one single issue; furthermore, I decided to add several new sections (such as “… special” and “rip-off section”), and due to the fact (rather sad one) that I won’t be able to put online 8th volume until December (hopefully December…!), I thought it would be nice if I will enlarge my mag and unleash two issues instead of one. I sincerely believe that I managed to make the volume(s) you’re going to read now more exciting and diverse…
As to the next issue… Honestly speaking, I can’t say for sure when I will be able to put it online. University and job are the main reasons for this uncertainty. I hope I will do it until December 1999, but who knows… Ok, if you wish to get enlightened regarding it’s contents, here’s the list of bands who will be interviewed soon: AGALLOCH, MITHOTYN, RITUAL (US), LUNATIC GODS, ALLEGIANCE, HYPOCRITE, OPETH, MADDER MORTEM, MORK GRYNING, NEGLECTED FIELDS, PYREXIA, VITAL REMAINS, BEHEMOTH, MALIGNANT ETERNAL, CADAVEROUS CONDITION, DAWN OF DREAMS, ANCIENT RITES, FLESHCRAWL, BETRAY MY SECRETS, STORMLORD, WITHIN THESE WALLS, SEA OF DREAMS, LUPERCALIA / GLACIAL FEAR + The End Records as well as few Russian acts, such as BUTTERFLY TEMPLE, RADIGOST and ASHEN LIGHT. I still hope that SWORDMASTER, TARTAROS, CELESTIAL SEASON, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, RITUAL CARNAGE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MY DYING BRIDE and DEVISER will answer positively to my “interview-request”, so I could make an intie with them also… If all of the aforementioned bands will be kind enough to answer the interview before the deadline, and if I will have enough time to complete translating my articles into English + doing some additional work in order to prepare more exciting sections with tons of info and interesting stuff, then it won’t be 8th issue, but a combined one also – i.e. 8th / 9th.
Ok, that’s all for now. By the way, check out my current playlist below if it’s of interest to you…

Darkest regards,
Kai Mathias Stalhammar

EDITOR’S PLAYLIST (in no particular order)
October 1999

First of all, sorry for making it so long. You know, the music is something I part with only being asleep... So, I guess that's the reason why my playlist gained such a horrid length...
KOVENANT "Animatronic"
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS "Murder Ballads"
ELEND "Les Tenebres Du Dehors"
RAMP "Noone" (the song)
SUMMONING "Stronghold"
A.VIVALDI "The Four Seasons"
RAMMSTEIN "Herzeleid"
RAMMSTEIN "Sehnsucht"
SADIST "Above The Light"
SADIST "Tribe"
BUTTERFLY TEMPLE "Hymn" (the song)
EDGE OF SANITY "Purgatory Afterglow"
NIGHTWISH "Oceanborn"
NIGHTWISH "Angels Fall First"
SUNDOWN "Glimmer"
VACUUM "Seance At The Chaebol"
SENISTRO "Feelings"
MEMENTO MORI "Lost Horizons" (the song)
MEMENTO MORI "16 Tons" (the song)
HAMMERFALL "Legacy Of Kings"
SINERGY "Beware The Heavens"
OTYG "Holy Diver" (the song)
GOREFEST "Soul Survivor"
EQUINOX OV THE GODS "Necropolis" (the song)
DECORYAH "Fall - Dark Waters"
DE INFERNALI "Sign Of The Dark" (the song)
W.A.S.P. "Wasp"