Ok, here's the 12th - as well as the 13th one; combined for yet one more time, you see. I hope that you already paid attention to the fact that I've experienced bloody hell compiling this (these?) issue(s?) - adding new sections (such as "Penguin Department" or "Special", for instance), making lotsa interviews (at least much more than I previously wanted to feature), and so on and so forth... Therefore and furthermore, I sincerely hope that you won't consider getting yourselves acquainted with this issue's contents a waste of time.

P.S. I'm also gonna take a break for a few months, consequently the next issue will be uploaded only late Summer / early Autumn this year. Just try to understand me. I have full-time job, I have my private life. And last but not least, I still have to find a solution how to escape the military service, since it's representatives unsurprisingly keep on claiming that I have to join the army despite the fact I have all the reasons to ignore them. But it's Russia, my friends. Russia, the State synonymous for the notion of "paradox".
See you soon, anyway.

In darkness,
Herr Stalhammar