Country of origin: Finland
Style: black metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Victor (guitars, vocals) and drakh Wrath (vocals)

Ave. Sorry to ask that, but… There's enough of black metal acts
worldwide, therefore give me a good reason for the ENOCHIAN CRESCENT's formation (You see, it's a miserable attempt to ask a typical "history" question in a bit non-standard way…)

Victor: "The reason to form this band was that I met the right kind of an individual in Wrath. We both had separate bands back then, and still do, but talking to him on that ill-fated evening in 1995, I noticed a kindred spirit with same kind of ideas and interesting concepts about Satanism, Black Metal, and the Occult. Thus, we just HAD to form this band... this is also a richness, having two strong creative leader-types in the band whereas many other groups have only one."

What's so special with this word, "Telocvovim"? You know, it seems to be truly weird when certain band (like yours, for instance) brings three albums forth the light, while each of them has this word in it's title ("Telocvovim", "Babalon Patralx De Telocvovim" and "Omega Telocvovim")…

Victor: "Ahh, he is our man. Telocvovim is Enochian and literally translates as the Death Dragon or the Dead Dragon. But, it is not that obvious, in the Enochian Keys 'Telocvovim' refers to the One that has Fallen. And I suppose I don't have to spell out the name... It is basically our threefold tribute to a great source of inspiration."
Anything you'd like to say in regards to "Babalon Patrale De Telocvovim" MCD? I believe, it's not a usual mini… kinda dividing line in ENOCHIAN CRESCENT's history, erh? And yes, let me tell you that you have covered BATHORY's "13 Candles" in a brilliant way!

Victor: "Thanks, we gave that damn song actually a new life in the 90's with our version. All other cover versions of it are quite worthless. It is a great song, showing Quorthon's songwriting skills at his peak, although his playing skills weren't. Just goes to show that brilliant tunes don't need to have 666 notes per second nor academic playing skills to raise the music to immortality. Also, you did hit an angel in the eye with your remark about 'BPdT' being a dividing line of sorts. I would give a different kind of a mental image about it, though: In my opinion it is more like an axis between two wheels that are 'Telocvovim' and 'OT'... As singular releases they roll on their own for a while and do pretty damn good, but combined the power is unleashed and 'Wop-Bang-Doom, please rewrite Metal History'... and if you buy all three, you'll get an additional free one-way ticket to any flavour of Hell you like."

Well well well (hell!)… In my eyes (and ears) everything is strange with your band, just every goddamn thing… The way you entitle your works, your handles, as well as the song titles… like "A Mathilde", "Mortiferum (Or Ptomaine Malaise)" or "A Dream Of Basaltic Submarine Towers Of Titanic Proportions And Nightmare Angles". This is where you remind me of … AND OCEANS who also managed to escape any regular black metal cliches, such as naming the band "Black Angel" and having a demo out… kind of a demo with oh so wonderful name like f.ex. "Unholy Rites"…

Victor: "Oh, what is originality but a matter of perception?  Yes, we are the Weirdboyz of Black Metal in that sense; we don't conform to any set rules nor go to jog along with the herd. Fuck the easy path, we have our own to tread. I must tell you that in most 'Black Angel' cases the perpetrators should be shot on sight for drooling all over our precious metal, thus making it look more and more unappealing. DARKTHRONE, for example, has had multitudes of intriguing titles and interesting lyrics... it is the imbecile copycats that ruin everything."
Getting back to the song titles again… What about "Amma I Piad Sa Madriiax" and "De Siatris Od Teloch"? I still wonder what the hell of a language is this? You see, all my "guess-what" attempts fail miserably…

Victor: "Enochian, a language given to Dr. John Dee via his medium Edvard Kelley in the 14th hundred century England; they received the Enochian Keys, backwards, letter by letter from spiritual manifestations that they identified as 'angels' due to their Elizabethan background. So far, we haven't given out the translations, but urged people to go and find the answers themselves, because it is an intriguing world out there, beyond the reach of the mundane reality."

drakh Wrath: "Amma i Piad sa Madriiax = Cursed is your god in the
heavens, Vabzir Camliax = The Eagle spake, Abaiuonin = To the stooping Dragon, De Siatris od Teloch = Of Scorpions and Death."

"Omega Teloclovim" is the last to date CD you have spawned so far… However, it's not the CD I'd like to discuss now (it should be listened to), but the cover it possesses… As always with ENOCHIAN CRESCENT, something weird and out-of-comprehension, thus provoking this question.

Victor: "Ah, it might be hard to decipher, true. But, it is a very
abstract rendition of, guess who, spreading his fiery wings. Actually, all the front covers of the trilogy have a continuous theme: In 'Telocvovim' the Mr. T himself is depicted being born, on the cover of 'BPdT' he doeth grow up in a human/daemon form, and finally on 'OT' he is released in his full glory. This same progression can also be traced in the musical themes of the three releases."

What about those rumors (the bad ones) regarding ENOCHIAN CRESCENT? Are the TYRANT wimps the only ones who spread 'em or there're more of a kind?

Victor: "We are a controversial band and controversy always brings forth equal amounts of anger and admiration. Personally, I have never heard of these 'Tyrants', but reading their comments and the fact that they have faggoty keyboords, gives me a clear vision of teeny-weeny Dimmu Boppers who try to sound smart, but are in fact only smart-asses. Mostly the smear campaigns have come from the xtians, but there have been some angry teenagers venting their impotent hormonal rage at us. There is this one especially lame xtian evangelist who goes around schools to warn about the lure of the dark music and evil ways, heh, and that jesus-wanker uses our lyrics and music as warning examples. He also has some quotes of our lyrics in his book. The ironic thing about that is, that he has to pay royalties to us for his quotes and public performances. Idiot."

drakh Wrath: "I guess their comments about my sexual preferences trace back to the interviews I had done with BLACK DAWN in 1994 anno bastardi. In those interviews I questioned the idea of the murder Faust had committed; what's the point of killing a homosexual and serve time because of a queer? My point then was that a christian, a jew, a catholic, an orthodox, a moslim or a priest (the most desirable choice of prey!) would be far better suited victim for a Satanist. If queers try to hit on you, just beat them up, the sentences will be much shorter. If I ever were to be committed for a murder, I wouldn't be committed for a murder of a homosexual, but an enemy of my faith. At least then the time spent behind the bars would be worth it."

Have you ever performed any rituals of magick either apart from music or in duration of a recording process? If so, I'd like to hear the complete account (if possible, of course). Have you ever reached success (I know, this question may strike as too personal, but anyway…)?

drakh Wrath: "I've performed countless rituals during the past nine years, most of them apart from the band, but some before or at the same time when writing lyrics. Our live performances ARE rituals where we summon spirits and sacrifice to them. Success? Well, if it can be seen as success when the local priest's child died just after birth, when certain nasty spirits were sent to his direction just a few nights earlier."

Victor: "I do rituals on almost daily basis nowadays, so there is no separation between wether I am doing music influenced by said processes or during them. In the past during recordings etc. there has always been something happening, but, admittedly not in the scale I would wish."

Do you consider life as determinism or as an area of complete freedom?

Victor: "Modern life is a virtual prison. We have lost the true meaning of life amongst the glitter of trinkets. No true happiness can be bought, and yet we all sell our asses as corporate whores. Trinkets and instant gratification, that is the slave mentality of today and because of this brain-numbing reality, people have lost the 'fine-tuning' in their brain. They don't sense and see the lot that lies beyond this charade of vanity. Anyway, I am not a preacher, and I hate the ones that are, so I won't force any solutions to anybody. But, open your eyes and look beyond the mundane; there are worlds to learn and your own body to

Andrea @ AGHAST / HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE divides humanity into "vapid shepherds", "pure non-entities" and the ones "not fallen". What are the principal characteristics for a "not fallen" human in your view? Are there any different characteristics for the males and females?

Victor: "That division seems interesting but irrelevant in my eyes. Since a man is a wolf to another man, it would mean that the ones not fallen are ones not devoured yet. In stead of 'falling' from anywhere I see myself growing, upwards and onwards, the analogy of 'fallen ones' comes from the middle eastern mythologies and therefore is relevant to me only when dealing with the myth of Lucifer, the Nephilim, and the Grigori. Females are more evil... in a cunning wicked way."

Do you know anything regarding Russia? What is your attitude to the country of mine as well as it's people? Any Russian bands you've heard lately?

drakh Wrath: "Very little, at least when it comes to metal music.
Although I admire the commitment your people (referring to the Black Metal terrorists in Russia) have showed to the cause recently. I've always admired the theology of communism, namely it's striving towards atheism and it's contempt against religions. I see Stalin far greater than Hitler; under his iron fist countless priests and believers were slaughtered, as well as numerous temples and churches were destroyed. If there ever would be a Satanistic government, it would definitely be a totalitarian one."

Victor: "GORKY PARK rulezz!"
This is the point we should stop, don't you think so? Hope, you do. Anyway, type in few final words or anything else you'd like…

drakh Wrath: "The conscience is the invention of jews, it's as
disfiguring as the circumcision. - A.H.        Darbs ge-Iad drilpa

Victor: "The meaning of victory is not the defeat of your enemy but his utter destruction, to eradicate him from living memory, leaving no remnant of his endeavours, crushing utterly his every achievement and removing from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the true meaning of victory! - Tactica Imperium"