Country of origin: Belgium
Style: true black metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Sabathan (vocals, bass)

Salve! Let's start this interview with discussing the bandname you took, for a while. Sorry, but it somehow seems to be a kind of cliche (ENTHRONED, god DETHRONED, THRONED, ENTHRONEMENT, THRON', DARKTHRONE, ravenTHRONE)...

- Yes, actually yes, but when we've started the band not so much, except DARKTHRONE, THRONE OF AHAZ and GOD DETHRONED I didn't know other band names featuring "Throne". Now all bands copy each other and that is perhaps the reason why it's a kind of cliche now.

All of the albums you have released so far are notable for quite weak production. Yeah, Hautregard Studio is not that bad, however I doubt if you couldn't find a better one, being signed to such label as Blackend! Don't they repay your studio expenditures??

- Yes BLACKEND have give us excellent studio expenditures, but they don't make any promotion in the magazines, and not any interviews, we are almost unpromoted in the whole world. I don't think that the sound of our albums is weak, anyway our next album will get a KILLER sound believe me, we stay for 2 months in studio to record it.

Well, let's stop here. I mean, let's forget about any drawbacks your band's efforts ever had and talk about "The Apocalypse Manifesto", the newest album by ENTHRONED which is definitely the best one you have ever managed to create.

- Yes, we've worked during one year on "THE APOCALYPSE MANIFESTO", it's not a perfect album, but it's still good.  The next one, "ARMOURED BESTIAL HELL", will be in the same way than APOCALYPSE....but more fast and brutal again. But the fifth one will be more worked and less linear, it will be more in a MORBID ANGEL way but totaly BLACK METAL way.  We want to create a style of ultra brutal BLACK METAL that no bands have ever created, brutal but not linear, with tons of different riffs all very agressive and always infernaly brutal drums parts but also very technical.

Does "The Apocalypse Manifesto" cover have any kind of a symbolical meaning?

- Yes and no, it symbolises the end of the world for this upcoming new century that's sure, but we haven't asked for any special kind of cover, it's just the artist who have followed our lyrical ideas, is a computer mounting, but it looks killer. It will be the same kind of mounting for our upcoming fourth album "ARMOURED BESTIAL HELL" which is the right following of "THE APOCALYPSE MANIFESTO".

Have you finally found a permanent drummer? Besides that, what is the current lineup for ENTHRONED? Does it still stay enough stable?

- Yes NAMROTH BLACKTHORN is our permanent drummer, It's a friend of mine since my early times in metal (1982), I know him since the school days, we were in the same school and into the same musical cult (Metal). He plays drums since 1983, he have started in this year in a SPEED METAL band like the early METALLICA ("Kill'em All") and he was also the drummer of my ex-DEATH METAL band in 1988/89 MORBID DEATH. It's a very good drummer, his performance is perfectly adapted in ENTHRONED's kind of music.  I hope the line-up will stay stable, cause we are a very good team, we have all different ideas and musical (Metal) taste. And we can compose easily original stuff, and develope ourselves and our music day by day, in the best way.

Let's talk about Cernunnos a bit. He commited suicide few years ago, however I still can't really understand WHY? Do you have any thoughts regarding it that you'd like to share with us?

- CERNUNNOS, like our new drummer BLACKTHORN, was an old friend of mine too, we've played too in the same band MORBID DEATH at the end of the eighties, and were in the same school too. He was very, very depressive a long time before his suicide, and never got out of his manic depression, he was sick to live in this world and have decided to leave it, and I totally respect his decision. He will stay forever engraved in our memories, and in the memory of all the metal world. He was sick of it all, and was enjoyed only when he was drunk, he became alcoholic and when he stopped to drink, became really depressive.  We've found him hanging in his appartment the Saturday 19 April 1997, around 18h.

Does that typical black metal image (black clothes, corpsepaint, etc.) appear of importance to you? It seems to be a bit childish to me; you know, sometimes that 'evil' makeup just fucks the whole thing up (if it's done and used in a wrong way, of course).

- It's real that nowadays a lot of stupid childish bands use our cult image, but we were among the first BLACK METAL bands of the early 90's, we've started in 1993, and at that time only DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL, MARDUK, the early times of IMPALED NAZARENE, BEHERIT.....and some others used typical BLACK METAL image, and for which reason should we drop it????  We are true BLACK METAL band, even if we evolve in our music, but it's a natural evolution as all musicians evolve.

Are you well grounded in Flemish mythological epos? I bet that telling few words concerning it (especially it's darker sides) will be an exciting 'history lesson' for us (of course only if your answer is "yes").

- I'm not only grounded in Flemish mythological epoch, but well in BELGIAN mythological epoch (Both Flemish and Wallen).  Belgium gets a very instructive past in the antiquity, and we are proud to speak about it. In my area we have a very interrestand past, which have started in the Roman epoch. A lot of crusades have taken place during more than 1000 years, the vikings have make their prosperity on our shores of the North sea, it was their territory. And in my area called "LES ARDENNES" (the ardennes) it was the earth where have taken place the most dark parts of the medieval times.  A lot of people were perished on the "Ardennian" gallows and guillotine. The dark legion of the templars have slaughtered tons of people and tons of ecclesiastics blood was running in the chalice of sacrifice.  Yes we have a very dark glorious past here.

Evil, war and misanthropy. These three words strike as imprescriptible part of black metal, at least when it comes to most bands' image and lyrics. Do you consider these words to be of importance talking about the principal message behind the music genre your music is reckoned to? Please, give us your own definition for each of the words I mentioned.

- Yes of course, BLACK METAL, don't know any definitions, the name explains easily the definition of this kind of music.  Evil, it's a part of the of all mankind who grows in us all, Satan leads us all even the weakest Christians are leaded by evil, and they're in need of their weak god to have a kind of "protection" and feel more stronger, but they are just slaves of evil, dominated by the dark side, they're so affraid of the dark and so weak to face the wicked. WAR, HATRED, MYSANTHROPY, is typical face of all human souls, all of us need to hate and to fight, to feel stronger than others, all those characters are the half part of all humanity.

Do you think that such term as "evil" should be necessary associated with aggression and feelings similar to it? Generally speaking, is it a 'congenial' side of life or one can does without it?

- As I've explained you in the question 9 and 10, it's a part of relative spirit of absolutely ALL human and animal kind.  Of course it can be associated with all agression and all hate you feel.  You cannot love everything and everybody, and is what the weak Christians try to proove you the opposite, but is all LIES, as all Christianity is only LIES and HYPOCRISY which work against the true human spirit. Evil rules the human world as well the animal world, we come all from the same cell, and this cell was created by a collision of planets thousand centuries ago and provoked an incredible chaos, it's mean all EVIL. We are the fruit of all evil, and absolutely NOT the fruit of god.

What do you know (and think) about Russia as well as it's nation? What about the metal acts coming from our lands, have you heard any?

- RUSSIA is first of all a land that WE DREAM and HOPEFULLY come to play one day and as soon as possible, I've heard the Metal people of your country ARE THE MOST STRONGER and MOTIVATED ones in the whole world, and that is a REAL PLEASURE to play there. I know also your president Boris Hjelsins (sorry if the orthograph of his name is not right) and he seems to be a real asshole.  I also know that you were under a strong communist regime some years ago. I know that the METAL people from Russia rule and are very cool, and........THE GIRLS ARE VERY, VERY PRETTY!!!  And I would like to meet someone of them Hahahaha!!!! Yes, I know a great band coming from RUSSIA but living in Belgium, it's EXHUMATOR they play fuckin'brutal DEATH METAL and they RLUE!!! I don't know other bands, but I'm sure there're a lot a great bands very good in your country, I would like to know more Metal bands from RUSSIA.

You told me that ENTHRONED cancelled gig in Moscow (Russia) due to some kind of problems with the label. Well ok, but I wish to know more.

- I speak only about ENTHRONED, and not about MARDUK and ANGEL CORPSE cause we were not there anymore when their Eastern dates were canceled. About us, we've stopped the tour the 30 October (1999) in Holland (Tilburg), near our homeplaces. We've played the last killer show at this place, and went back home directly after the show. If we have decided to stop the tour, it's because the tour conditions were absolutely deplorable, and unbereable for us.  We were not in the tour bus with MARDUK and ANGEL CORPSE, we were in a motorhome, very small for us four, we were not paid and must pay all food the days off ourselves with the gain of merchandising. Our label and the promotor haven't make NOT ANY promotion for us, and almost nobody knew that we were on this tour.  Once again, it's better to wait to be on a good label before to adventure us on tour. It's not possible that a tour works, if you have no one advertising in the magazines, and not any promotion in the press, and it's the lack of advertising which made troubles, it's not our fault, it's our label and the tour promotors the responsibles.

This is rather typical question, but I didn't ask it anyone for such a long time! ha ha. I mean your future plans.

- Our future plans, first record nearly our fourth album called "ARMOURED BESTIAL HELL" we start the recording in few weeks, til the end of January 2000.  It will be available around April / May 2000. Make a German and perhaps a French tour with a good German tour promotor. Finish our contract with BLACKEND and sign on a new label. We are already working on our fifth album, for our upcoming new label. And of course, after the release of it, we want to make a big world tour, including Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, and of course Eastern countries (Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia....and more) we would like also make a Scandinavian tour and play in Greece too. That's all our future plans...invade the whole world with our brutal Black-Metal, meet a lot of people (and chicks Hahahahahaha!!!) and release tons of good albums.

Well, I believe the previous question was the last one. Be it good or bad, here's some more place for you to add anything you wish.


Latest news from ENTHRONED seem to be rather sad: Nebiros has left the band in the end of January to play death metal instead of BM. Hmm...

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