"Welcome to my dearest gallery,
The exhibition of my doubts…
Come inside and rejoice with my philosophy,
Enjoy my faded images of grief…"
Herr Stalhammar “Praising The Departure Of
Spiritual Strength"

Abroad for the first time (Spain, 1992). I'm thirteen.
... this time without alcohol
(Spain, 1992)
Back to Spain. The year of 1994.
Trying to look evil... (Spain, 1994)
... and intelligent (Spain, 1994)
No comments (Spain, 1994)
Spain, 1994
Spain (1994)... and a village near Ryazan' (approx. 300 km from Moscow) (1995)
Finishing school... What a relief. Especially when you're only sixteen.
Moscow, 1995.
Poland. I'm at the age 
of 18.
France. The same year.
I definitely miss those hair (55 sm long, by the way)...
Czech Republic. The same year.