Country of origin: Mexico
Style: death metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Abel Gomez Torres (drums, vocals)

Oops! You might say: "What the hell! A christian band in VAE SOLIS?!" Ok, we already have DEUTERONOMIUM in this issue, however, in contrast to this interview, that one was thousand times more exciting and... hmm, "in-depth", I guess. It's up to you - whether to read this or not. I decided to feature LAMENT in my mag anyway, since it's simply outstanding band (musically, of course) - so, if they managed to composed something undoubtedly tremendous, who cares about so-called 'message' behind 'em???

Greetings. Let's start from LAMENT's bio, ok? Furthermore, I've never had a chance to check out the CD you've made your debut with and I fear I never will, hence telling me (us?) anything you'd like concerning it would be just great!

- The band started in 1993, in those years we were playing death / grind with a lot of new ideas, after that our drummer Arturo Guzman pass away (RIP). In 1996 we went to a Christian festival in Texas, USA. In that festival MORTIFICATION was there and Steve Rowe owner of Rowe Productions, he saw us playing live and he decided sign us for 3 albums, the first, "Tears Of A Leper", that album was produced for one of the best guitarrist in the world called Jeff Scheetz, in that album our sound was really agressive but with a lot of acustic parts and lots of melodic ideas, the voice was really brutal interpreted by Marco Perez. In 1998 Steve Rowe dropped us and our vocalist Marco Perez left the band, we was close to breaking the band but we feel in our hearts to continue in our mission. Now Little Rose our new label is doing all the best they can for us.

The bass lines featured on "Through The Reflection" sound nearly amazing, while Iram's instrument appears as almost the leading one! For how long did he practice playing bass?

- Thanks, well he has played bass for about five years, sometimes its hard to practice because the job. Sometimes the band practice about 3 days a week 2 hours each practice and then everyone pratice by our ourselves, but we believe that our talent comes from God.

What does the "1250 Dead Without Reason" track tells about? You know, it looks like this song is quite different from the other ones featured on "Through The Reflection"...

- This song talks about the antichristian persecution (WHAT??! - ED), it contains lot of feeling because its hard to believe that many people are dying every day because of their beliefs, the year 1252 started this.

What does the cover symbolize?

- The "Portada" is a clear guesture of rejection that society puts on people whohave a different physical aspect, the mirror is where we look at our physical aspects.  Why?  so that we can lood good in a society that only looks at the physical and not at the best stuff inside like artistic talent. The "Portada" is inspired by a real situation of a boy in the mountians of Chiapas, Mexico where he was born with "labio lepornio" and his cry was very bitter after his friends laughed at him.

LAMENT is a Mexican band, however "Through The Reflection" was recorded in the United States, being mastered in Finland... Sounds truly weird.

- Well, that was allin Gods planesnow that we were not interested in going on, after that some one offered to pay for the recording without any thingin return. Also the studio engeneer gave us the albums mixing.  Every thing came from God because we didn't even have a peso, because we do not do this for money or fame,  but rather for love.

Are you pleased with the way your work with Manu and Little Rose Productions turns out? Do you plan to go on collaborating with 'em further?

- Manu and Miika are awesome friends and honest people that never offered us something they could not give, They have done awsome job promoting the album with Rowe Productions. Along with that, communication is great and their support is unconditional, it's a pleasure for us to work with people like them. I hope to keep working with them if thats what god wants.

Would you perform a gig with satanic band?

- Many times, we have been able to get our point across even through all the difficulties. In the end the people are taken back because they can't imagine a death metal band preaching love.

Do you market yourselves more as a christian band or more as a metal band? How do you get along with other Mexico's bands, confining themselves to another kind of religion, most often opposite to christianity?

- We are not a metal band, we are a ministry.  We can't live with ourselves after knowing that a man named Jesus Christ gave his whole life for us. We are here to make the truth be known, not to argue or fight. If someone becomes interested in out message, that, for us is a something marvelous. Religion is something that makes man want more things. Jesus is different.

Talking about your latest CD's inlay... erh, haven't you gone too far with thanking god??

- We always thank God for every thing, we will die for what we believe. Because we have expirenced it and nothing will separate us fom him. We're not satanists one day and christians another.  We do what we preach with God's help.

What do you know (and think) regarding the motherland of mine? Any Russian metal bands you've heard lately?

- No, we haven't listened to anything from your country, the only thing I know is that its very cold and the people are Socialists (think first, then talk - ED).

Would you like to tell us anything in conclusion?

- Thanks for taking the time to have an interview with us which for us is very fundumental. One more thing, some people say that the Bible was writen to subdue man or to take his money, but what makes the contridiction so much stronger is that those who wrote the Bible inspired by God died by stoniings, crucification, persecution and poor.

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