Country: Sweden
Style: black metal
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar
Answers supplied by: Vassago (guitars)

What was the reason for LORD BELIAL formation?

- We felt that we had a lot better feeling, music and all to contribute to the scene than was already there.

LORD BELIAL was one of the Swedish most original BM acts in 1995 after the "Kiss The Goat" release, but now you seem to be one more SACRAMENTUM or DISSECTION-alike band... Why did you change your style in such a radical way? Your debut effort had a great variety of melodies, and now there are no melodies at all! (no hard feelings, ok?) Did you want to become more "evil" starting to play much faster and brutal music?

- Absolutely NOT! The progression that happened happened already in 1994, before "Kiss The Goat" was released. The KTG-songs were old when we recorded them, we had already new material for another album, because it was delayed almost a year.

Your first album also featured Lilith, playing flute, is she still in the band?

- As can be heard on a few songs on the new album, Lilith still puts her demonic notes deep into the heart of men.

Why did you change the studio? Just because Fredman has better equipment, or you simply weren't satisfied with the work of Daniel Bergstrand as producer?

- Because the studio did not exist at that time, they were riding their high horse from Roadrunner at the time and got an attitude-problem, then; Roadrunner ripped them off so they had to close it, ha ha ha.

"Enter The Moonlight Gate" was recorded in April of 1996 and released only in mid-1997! What was the reason for such a long delay?

- Problems with layout, cover and then it was postponed by our record

There was a flute on your debut CD, cello and female vocals on second
one... Does it have anything to do with your misanthropic music? Did you want to achieve kinda balance between evilness and beauty? Are you going to use keyboards in the future? What do you think of this instrument? Any plans for starting to sing in a "clear" voice?

- The reason we use real instruments are because we are musicians capable enough to do what we want to do without any fake instruments such as synths. The idea to use various instruments are Dark's from the beginning. The reason is; we wanted to add a spice to the difference between the bestiality and the beauty in our music.

There were two vocalists on "Kiss The Goat" - you and Dark, but now
there's only Dark who "sings" in LORD BELIAL. Why? I think, your voice is much more furious and original...

- Thank you! Well, I simply did not want to sing anymore.

"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" - "This is the way an earthly glory passes"... Why did you place these words on "Kiss The Goat" cover?

- I thought it was appropriate.

What can you tell me about your side-project - VASSAGO? You once said that this band released it's first demo in 1986, which means that VASSAGO is one of the oldest BM hordes in Europe! That's great, but first time when I heard of this band was the year of 1995 (and I'm not the only one...) Why couldn't we hear anything, concerning VASSAGO since now? Did your style change drastically since your debut tape was recorded or it's still the same? Are you going to release a CD in the near future?  Do you have a deal already?

- Erh, the reason why you have not heard about it was because, I made some demo tapes but they were kept in only one(!) ex. And I was called this name in the band SADIST (Swe), so the side-thing to this was VASSAGO, which was known by only ca ten people at the time and I myself did not care much about it and did never think that anyone else would be interested but now, when this boom of black metal-bands have arised.... I am not even specially interested in doing a CD even though I have a record-deal on No Fashion records. It is simply more a personal thing and I regret that I mentioned it to the media in the first place.

Most of people composing black metal nowadays are quite young, but we
can't say the same about you, heh? Can you tell me, what is your age? What did you do before VASSAGO and LORD BELIAL birth? Do you have any "earthly" work today besides playing in these bands?

- I am 28 years old and I do not do anything at all besides the bands (I also play as a session-member in SACRAMENTUM and LATEX)

I heard a lot of shit about No Fashion... Some people call them as
rip-offs, others consider Tomas and his label as "commercial"... Both of your albums were released by this label, and I guess you work pretty well together? So why many people curse No Fashion and a lot of bands stop collaborating with this company? (just to mention MERCILESS, MARDUK, DISSECTION, KATATONIA, FESTER...)

- It is an ownership-thing, the company is owned by House Of Kicks now, but you can't say that DISSECTION and MARDUK quit, they just got much much better offers from Nuclear Blast and Osmose.

LORD BELIAL is on the same label with DARK FUNERAL! I believe, you met Blackmoon, at least once... I always wanted someone familiar with him to tell me: is this guy such a moron as he seems to be or no?!

- What the fuck do you mean??? He is absolutely not a moron, he is a
brilliant person and LORD BELIAL supports him and holds his banner high.

Who writes lyrics in LORD BELIAL? What is the main thought behind them? I noticed some "northern mythology" influences, a perfect reason for "true" BM kids to consider you "false" and "trendy", ha ha! (don't fear, I'm not one of these shitheads). Well, what I wanted to ask is - are you into your country's pagan myths? Do you just enjoy reading this stuff, or...?

- There is absolutely no trace of Northern Mythology in our lyrics!
(perhaps, you haven't read your band's lyrics? - ED) I know all about it though, I have studied it intensely, but we do not write about this. Dark makes most of the lyrics, I write a few lines (among some whole lyrics, s.a. "Hymn Of The Ancient....") and Sin makes some as well.

There are plenty of BM bands, playing so-called "pagan" and "viking"
metal... What do you think of them? Is it possible to live according to our ancestor's ideals in this "age of utter madness", as Nietzsche said?

- Not any longer. The symbols have weakened and have been made
commercialized... I know however that the Gods our ancestors thought
themselves to worship is the force of SATAN!!! (in fact, heathendom has nothing to do with satanism... - ED)

Do you read a lot? What do you prefer - science-fiction, horror tales, mythology, philosophy, something else?

- I do not read fiction any longer, only facts, but I like to watch
fiction videos.

Do you care about other musical styles besides black metal?

- Of course! I hardly listen to black metal. I listen more to aggressive music, like old SODOM and KREATOR, SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN and also KIND DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, JUDAS PRIEST, etc. I also like classical music.

What about gothic and ambient stuff? What is your opinion about such
people as Glenn Danzig and Peter Steele (TYPE'O'NEGATIVE)?

- I have never met them, I don't know.

Do you play live? T.T. @ ABIGOR refused to perform live shows stating: "We don't want to play in front of drunken death metal kids". Do you agree with him?

- No, I like it when people headbang in front of the stage to our music. When I go to a concert I also headbang, you get out a lot of aggressions this way.

Closing spells?

- Die Hard.