The “Dawn Of The Black Hearts” review
(by Kai Mathias Stalhammar)

"One must die to find peace inside"
 MAYHEM "Life Eternal"

Well, here we go. "Dawn Of The Black Hearts" is one of MAYHEM’s numerous bootlegs, however there’re two things here which are definitely worth our attention. First of all, the cover is actually a picture of dead Dead (shit… it wasn’t meant to be such a pun…) with his brains splattered and arms cut… Well, I think there’s no sense in describing the cover – you’d better look at it yourselves (see the picture). The second thing goes for what this LP contains. Besides eight songs recorded live at Sarpsborg (on some kind of an old crappy Sony player???) with incredibly bad  quality (of course), this album also features Euronymous, Manheim and Necrobutcher (the classic lineup!) playing two covers from VENOM (“Black Metal” and “Welcome To Hell”) and two from CELTIC FROST (“Danse Macabre” which appears as some sort of an intro here… quite noisy intro, I’d say… + “Procreation Of The Wicked”) live at Lillehammer back in 1986! It’s also a unique chance to hear Euronymous singing! As to the sound quality… Well, if you have IMMORTAL’s “Live Zaandam” bootleg and think it’s the worst recording ever, you’re wrong. You are so fucking wrong, man! Because these ‘live in Lillehammer’ songs sound even worse. Sometimes it’s very difficult to figure out what the hell is happening, but there’s no chance to listen to the better recording, so… I bet, most of true MAYHEM fans already grabbed their hands on this album… and if not, they’d better do it the sooner the better, since I believe it will be impossible to buy this one soon (in fact, it’s already impossible to buy it, heh heh… already four or five years, I think).