"Real black metal is dead!!!"

Country of origin: Germany
Style: NS black metal
Questions by: Emilio Hueso (conducted by Herr Stalhammar)
Answers supplied by: Kanwulf (all vocals and instruments)

Heil, Kanwulf! How are things going on in Germany at the moment?

- The things in Germany are OK but not satisfying. At the moment I work as psychologist in a psychiatry of a prison. I have to do a lot with murderer, violator, paedophiliac guys and other sick people. That's OK, but all in all it's the same shit in Germany as usual. Too many assholes and false "friends".

NARGAROTH was formed quite a long time ago, hence it would nice to learn something new about your band. What were your intentions and goals back then?

- NARGAROTH started 1989 without a name. A long time before, I wrote prose and poetry. But if you read a story or lyrics, you listen to your own voice in your head. But the voice has a lot of melodies, called paralinguistic elements, that makes the lyrics more transparent. This is what I call the 3rd dimension of words. My words should be understood, like I wanted it to express. If I wanted it screaming and you couldn't hear my voice, you read it with normal voice in your head. That's why I decided myself to put the 3rd dimension, the voice, into my words. Therefore I played an old distorted bass guitar and was screaming my lyrics to express myself. I never was looking for other musicians because I prefer to stand alone. And this preference lasts till today! NARGAROTH is still a solo project. In 1991 I recorded instrumental demo "ORKE" (lim. to 150 copies). Unfortunately I had no equipment to record vocals. Some weeks later I entered a studio in Eilenburg, my hometown, and I recorded the vocals. At the same day I made a concert with NARGAROTH, where I used session musicians. During that concert some shit happened and after all, I killed a visitor of the concert. I knew that guy and I hated him. ... The demons in my head were released... So I got into jail. In 1993 I was free again. In jail I found during a confused time in my confused head the name NARGAROTH. From this day forward I found my identity in that form. Free again, I recorded in November '93 in my kitchen (that's why the name K.-rehearsal in the booklet of the "Herbstleyd" CD) the demo "Herbstleyd". It was limited to 200 copies and I still have some of the copies, 'cause I won't give it to stupid people. And there are not that many strong people in the scene so I couldn't give a lot of copies into the world. I hope I will not get to many letters now, 'cause since years I told  everyone that there're no copies left, all is sold out. I never found in scene guys again, who seem to be worthy enough to own that tape!! Probably that sounds stupid, but that's my attitude!!! Shortly after the only friend in my life killed himself using a rope. This and the condition of the BM scene was a kind of a shock for me and so I fell into isolation. Later the guy of NO COLOURS got in contact with me and he liked the NARGAROTH-style. And after long begging from his side I decided in 1998 to re-record "Herbstleyd". In 2000 the "Amarok" CD saw the light, featuring unreleased and old stuff. Then I made a new demo tape called "Fuck Off To Nowadays Black Metal" lim. to 333 copies. It was released in August 2000 and it's almost sold out. The reason for making tapes besides my CD contract on No Colours is, that I don't like CD and stuff. To express myself more, I need the sound of reh.-tapes. In November / December 2000 I recorded my new album "Black Metal Ist Krieg - A Dedication Monument". It is out now and in my eyes it's the album of the fucking century. At the moment I prepare my part of the split LP with the German horde MOONBLOOD on SOMBRE REC. It is called "Rasluka - Part I". It is the first of 3 parts. The second will be available on a mini CD on NO COLOURS REC. The 3rd part will be out, if I will leave you all. So, soon will be a LP released, which is limited to 99 units as vinyl and 200 units on tape only. I must do all this to satisfy the demons in my head...

I guess you're the only one handling all instruments in NARGAROTH...

- Yes, because I can't share my imaginations and creation with others. It's my way of expression. There is no place for others, who only contaminate my spirit and my music, by putting their cheap and useless ideas into it. In my eyes, musical solo projects are special and sometimes very unique like GRAVELAND (as you know, Rob Darken does the main work), BURZUM or FALKENBACH. Usual bands with some members, who can all include their ideas into the songs, sound like all the shit that contaminates the black metal and other music styles. My songs are clean, in the meaning of the dirt which could be in it by other musicians!

Ok, everything's clear now. However... not really. I mean, despite that you claim NARGAROTH to be a one-man band, you've nevertheless invited a guest musician whilst recording "Herbstleyd". Who is that, and why did he take part in crafting that work?

- I know him since 1993. I recorded with him the demo "Herbstleyd". He never tried to copy myself, like all the other guys, who wanted to play with me. He is not a very black metal guy. He is more in thrash metal and stuff. So he never fell into the abyss of a "self-show". He doesn't care about black metal rules. That makes it sometimes difficult to talk about metal. He sees the fun and the music and I see the ideals the message behind it. Well, he's very close to metal since his teens, but in a very different way that I did and do. I think the long time we know each other and all the things that happened through that time, is the biggest reason why we can stand together. He is also the only person who stands in social life close to me.

Did you participate in any other bands before starting NARGAROTH?

- No!

"Herbstleyd" basically is a only a rehearsal demo, however it seems like you've re-recorded all the songs off it, putting out the CD...

- Yes. I recorded the demo in my kitchen and it was very dilettantish. I was naked and under drugs as I did it. So that's why the side A of that demo sounds a little bit stupid. Side B is better. I recorded it later and some songs in a normal studio. I knew the strength my songs hold, so that was the reason for re-recording 'em.

The sound execution appears as a pretty good one. Therefore, let me wonder where did the recording sessions took place?

- At many different places in Germany. In old houses and cellars. I do this kind of recording, because black metal is a very raw art. I need also a raw and spartanic atmosphere to record the stuff. For the mixing, I go in a big studio, where I can make the best out of it. If I would record it all into a studio, it would sound like all the shit you can buy in the usual store.

In my opinion, "Herbstleyd" was one of the most extreme, and also one of the best BM efforts done back in 1998. What's your attitude to it now, after three years have passed?

- Well, with this album I worked through at time from 1992 until 1998. Between this so many things in my life happened. The heaviest beat into my face, was the suicide of my only friend I ever had. As I already said, his death made me fall into a deep abyss. That I got out of it was also the work on my music. I think you can hear that pain, if you listen to my expressions as a fan. It was very important to make an album like this. That album and all my views & attitudes about the new black metal, I had spread into interviews, made a change of thinking about black metal in the heads of the BM scene. In some eyes, especially in the eyes of big label or magazine bosses, I was the mad- or bad-man of BM scene, who makes trouble and spreading his attitude without remorse. In the eyes of black metal maniacs from the old days, I was the warrior from the long forgotten time. That sounds arrogant or so, but these words about me I was reading in a magazine here in Germany. So, it looks like a lot of people see me as this.

A new work of yours has been released lately, going by the name "Amarok". Would be great to get enlightened concerning your own point of view on this CD, especially if comparing it to "Herbstleyd"...

- This one has nothing to do with "Herbstleyd". These songs are unreleased stuff from older days. I was bored of going into studio, so NO COLOURS Rec. released it. The songs are great in my eyes. But unfortunately every song is different to each other. So if one song creates an atmosphere and then it's over, another song forces another atmosphere. It does not continue the creations of the previous song. So the power of the songs get lost. And this is really sad.

You've also recorded a track which was meant to be included in a BURZUM tribute CD. Which song have you picked out, and why? "Black Spell Of Destruction", I assume?

- Correct. It was the above called song. I took this song because of the things that happen to me when I perform it life. The demons in my head take the song tittle literally. So I decided myself to take this one. But the assholes from Cymophane Rec. wanted each band to make a whole new thing out of Varg's songs - and I hate that!! Nothing is better than the original. When I make cover versions, I try to get as close as possible to the original. This is a big challenge!! So that's why they didn't take my version. I don't like my version. I didn't have enough time as well as motivation... But maybe it's better, that I am not on that sampler? Most of those whose songs this compilation is comprised of, appear as motherfuckers had nothing to do with BM and BURZUM, to the time as BURZUM was still alive. These children make stupid versions of once great songs. They simply violate 'em!! I'm glad that I'm not on this worthless sampler!!

This isn't the first time I'm talking to an advocate of nihilism and misanthropy, but something still makes me ask the same question again and again: what's your view on the society as we behold it today? Don't you think that most of us turned into weak pathetic animals with a suicidal way of life and a withering moral?

- I have no respect for the society. I can't live with it's ideals. The men are not men anymore. They became gay weak dick-lickers. The women became stupid chicks. The proud woman who was a strong person on the side of man, is no more. We are all up to be killed. Few people are close to some ideals, which I do respect. But these people get kicked off by the nowadays people. Today rules idiots of shows like "Big Brother". I guess you've heard about it... Some people must go for a couple of months into a closed area with a house inside. This area is full of cameras and to the prime time on TV the show presents the "highlight" of the happenings in that fucking container. This show is being broadcasted in your country as well. Such people rule our world. So I think we´re standing before a big "burn out". I do not know what it will be alike, but it definitely comes this day or another. But what we will create after this..............? Now off to misanthropic. I am a sociopath, better known as psychopath. Every interaction with people needs a lot of power of myself. Every smile, friendly word or act of empathy I do is a lie. But I hate it to lie. That's why it's better to avoid the situations where I could lie. So I avoid humans. Misanthropy is, I think, the basic dimension which leads all my interactions, goals and work. I can't do something against it. It's a personal trait, I was maybe born with or I learnt over my development as human associating with the world surrounding me. I do not wish this kind of personality to someone, because it makes the life poor. Happiness and joy is almost non-existent in a life like this. A lot of people want "big Misanthropes" to be more true or evil. But I hate these shitty idiots; they know nothing of what the speak about. The word -misanthropic- is violated by many assholes. They talk about it but in the same time act like friendly people. That's why, I think, the present day scene do not know any more what real misanthropics are. If they contact me or want to talk with me I do not or very seldom answer. I often say, they can fuck off, because I want to be alone! And suddenly these people don't like me anymore. Then I am "an arrogant" asshole to them. It is of course a way of considering the world, the human actions. But, like I told you, this makes it hard to live. I am always alone, I never feel real happiness, I never can have a nice evening at a party. I'm always in a corner in the room, alone, starring to the ground. That makes life boring. So a real misanthrope, and I think I am the one, doesn't have an easy and satisfying life. He is seeing almost always the bad side of life and human behaviour. And the knowledge, that he is also a human, makes him sometimes fell like hating himself. And if you hate yourself, you can't be lucky...

What's your definition for the "perfect man"?

- His tongue speaks the truth. He is real, not a copy of someone else. His eyes show his stronghold and the kindness of a man. He takes honour serious and not as an image. If he is a father, he will show his child the right way, on truth and respect in the world.

... and "perfect society"?

- I can't be in a society, so I can't answer that question. But maybe a part of the above mentioned things.

Nowadays, almost all of the Europeans don't have anything in common with what their ancestors once represented (should I really say what I mean?)... Truly a pity, but it seems like we can't change anything regardless of all the efforts made by the few. What's your opinion on your forefathers, Indo-European tribes that once reigned supreme? Are you proud of your cultural heritage?

- I think our culture is great. But you know, our culture is not clean, like a lot of people say. The Romans and other cultures left their trace in the German culture. But unfortunately I am not a big tradition fan. A lot of them are celebrated with other people or groups. And there is once again a problem. I can't be with others. Mmmhh, proud to be a German? I do not know if I am proud. It was not my decision. I was just born here. But I am glad to be one, and not in another country. I love my land and it's rites. But it is forbidden to be a German. In my country, we have still problems with our past, you know. To answer this question correct, it would take too much time.

To me, Europe is spiritually and culturally dead. There's not even one single sparkle from the Golden Age of Italy or Greece to be discovered nowadays. The same goes for Germany, by the way. Would you agree with such a point of view? Could the music be a chance to change the current state of things (minds?)?

- It is not dead. A lot of people do think about it and celebrate it. But it is not easy to practice it, because in Germany we have problems with the thing that were used in the 3rd Reich and the 3rd Reich used a lot of things of our culture. The music will not change it. But it is important to keep the culture alive. And one way that we know something of our culture and practising it, was over songs. Nationsongs or folk songs are a medium which kept the stories and culture alive over the centuries. So it is good to put culture into songs, that our next generation know what we have lost.

Back to music. Judging by the works of yours I've got myself familiar with so far, it seems like you've found the golden mean between raw fast-paced black metal, extreme to the core, and almost ambient-alike passages. Consequently, I'd like to find out if you're going to come up with more atmospheric stuff or, on the contrary - twice as straightforward...

- I can't answer it. But sure is, I never will repeat myself!  The emotion which are involved are never the same, that's why my future albums will be always different to each other. What I'll use there I cant say too. The situation will rule that decision.

List some of the bands you admire.


I know that No Colours have had (or currently have) serious troubles with the Law; can you give us more info on this subject?

- They had some national-socialism stuff in their store like ABSURD. This was and is forebidden in Germany!
Thank you very much for your precious time. Are there any last comments or words of wisdom to conclude?

- For me, the real deep black metal is dead!! I hope, that the old warriors will keep their remembrances and feelings inside, that they never will betray this style and that the corpse of black metal won't be violated and raped anymore. Black metal was there as we needed it and now this art needs us. The old days will never return, but we can always show our respect to old days. To those who carry the spirit of black metal in themselves: don't forget the old days and do not soil your memory. Black metal was there for you when you needed it. Now black metal needs you to honour it. Act with dignity or kill yourself!!

Kanwulf from NARGAROTH