(Winter 1999 / 2000 – Spring 2000)

Wondering why does it include so many items? Well, this is my playlist for almost half a year, furthermore you should understand that I listen to at least 10 CD’s a day – while the titles listed below appear as the ones I listen(ed) to permanently…
TOP 5:
RHAPSODY “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands” /
LUCA TURILLI “King Of The Nordic Twilight”
SCHEITAN “Nemesis”
BLACK COUNTESS “Child Of The Demonic Moon”
NOCTURNAL RITES “The Sacred Talisman”
(further on – in no particular yet
alphabetical order):
Albums / demo works:
AMORPHIS “Tales From The Thousand Lakes”
ANATHEMA “Eternity”
DANZIG – everything
EDGE OF SANITY “Purgatory Afterglow”
ELSEWHEN “Gates Of Time”
FORBIDDEN SITE “Sturm Und Drang”
GOD DETHRONED “Bloody Blasphemy”
HEFEYSTOS “Hefeystos”
IMMORTAL – everything
IS PAIN “1999”
KATATONIA “Tonight’s Decision”
NIGHTWISH – everything
ROLLING STONES “Voodoo Lounge”
THE DOORS – everything
THE KOVENANT “Animatronic”
VACUUM “Seance At The Chaebol”
VITAL REMAINS “Forever Underground”
çáòéë óõëáþ³÷ – everything
þåò÷ïîá òõôôá “îÁ íÁÒÓ!!!”
þ³òîùê ïâåìéóë “óÔÅÎÁ”
AGATHODAIMON “Body Of Clay” and “Ribbons / Requiem ‘99” (off “Higher Art Of Rebellion” CD)
AION “O Fortuna” (off “Noia” CD)
ANIMA IN FIAMME “Come Fiore Reciso” (off “On Brink Of Infinity” compilation CD)
CARCASS “Keep On Rotting In The Free World” (off “Swansong” CD)
CIVIL CARNAGE “Mindset” (off “Abomination In The House Of God” CD)
DAEMONARCH “The Seventh Daemonarch” (off “Hermeticum” CD)
DIE KRUPPS “Fire” (off “Paradise Now” CD)
DREADFUL SHADOWS “Twist In My Sobriety” (off “The Cycle” CD)
FUNERAL MIST “The God Supreme” (off “Devilry” MCD)
HELLOWEEN “A Tale That Wasn’t Right” (off “Keeper… I” CD)
HELLOWEEN “Your Turn” (off “Pink Bubbles Go Ape” CD)
IN THE WOODS… “Mourning The Death Of Aase” (off “Three Times 7 On A Pilgrimage” CD)
MOONSPELL “Butterfly Fx”, “Can’t Bee”, “Lustmord” and “Soulsick” (off “The Butterfly Effect” CD)
MUTINY “The Cross-Bone Flag” (off “Guilty As Charged” promo CD)
SADIST “Den Siste Kamp” (off “Tribe” CD)
SILVERCHAIR “Anthem For The Year 2000” (off “Neon Ballroom” CD)
SIRRAH “Bitter Seas” (off “Acme” CD)
STAHLHAMMER “Strom Med Zeit” (off “Feind Hort Mit” CD)
URGE OVERKILL "Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” (off "Pulp Fiction Soundtrack")
îéëïìáê âáóëï÷ “ôÁÊÎÁ” (Ó ÄÉÓËÁ “ðÏÓ×ÑÝÅÎÉÅ”)