(info provided by Cadla Communications)

OK, this is not really a "rip-off-warning", but more of "watch out"-notice.
It's about WILD RAGS RECORDS, that now officially have CLOSED.
So, it is not a wise thing to send merchandise etc. to WILD RAGS anymore. They were supposed to release the DIABOLICAL / BLAZING SKIES "Northern Triumphators" split cassette on CD last Autumn (under license from Cadla Communications), when Richard Cee suddenly dissappeared (without any notice what-so-ever). The phone and fax numbers closed, and so did the email (not the PO-box though, because the merchandise we sent him around the same time was never returned). This is a message that we got from Richard Cee's / WILD RAGS' webmaster, when asking how we could get in touch with Richard: "I have no clue where he is. All I know is that his store's been auctioned off and the IRS shut him down. Good luck finding him..."