Disclaimer: the list placed below features only those bands who perform black metal as well as related stuff, such as unholy death metal, dark ambient, and so on and so forth. Besides that, as you most probably will notice, I didn't indicate all the recordings these acts might have behind 'em; and the reason is quite simple - I don't have complete info, consequently your help will be much appreciated (in order to enlarge this record).
Lastly, please note that the list youre now going to scroll through, also includes BM bands coming from Belarus and Ukraine.


ABSURD (Swedish school death / black) (R.I.P.?)
" " demo (1997)
"Frostland" demo (1998)
Live cassette EP (1999)
"Beyond The Dawn" promo (2000)

AEON (dark ambient)
"Nightside Tea" CD (1999, Coronach Records)

(heathen metal)
Digipack / MC (Undead Wood)

ALKONOST (pagan black)
"Shadows Of Glory" demo (1997)
"Songs Of The Eternal Oak" MC (2000, Metzer / Beverina Prod.)

ASHEN LIGHT (pagan black)
" " MC (1999, CDM Records)
" " demo (2000, H-Blast Music)
" " CD (2001, More Hate Productions)

AZEROTH (atmo-black)
"Chasma Pelorion" MC (1997, Manimal Productions)
"Doctrine Of Dark Forest" MC / CD (1998, Manimal Productions)
" " MC (1999, Manimal Productions)
"Live In Poligon" CD / MC (2000, NWASC)

BASTION () ("psychomental black")
" ڣ" demo (1999)

"Child Of The Demonic Moon" demo (2000)
"Blood, Desire And Dead Nenuphars" demo (2000)

BLACK DEATH (raw black) (ex-DRAUGWATH)

BLACK WOOD (raw black)
"Beyond The Black Forest" demo (1998)
"For The Mankind Grief Reunited" demo (1999)

BROKEN SOUL (sympho-death / black)
"Taedium Vitae" MC (1997, Metal Agen Records)

BUTTERFLY TEMPLE (slavonic metal)
"Nahaimal" demo
"Black Glory" demo
"Veles" demo (1999)
"Veles" MC (2000, CDM Records)
"Veles" CD (2000)
" " CD (2001, Irond Records)

CHAOS DIVINE ("dark psycho ambient", previously - noise / industrial)
"Necrospiritual Experience" demo (1999)
"Narcotic Slumber" demo (2000, Chaos Divine Creations)

CHARON (sympho-black) (R.I.P.)
"Waters Of Styx" (1999, CDM Records)

CHERNOBOG () (occult black)
" " demo (1999)
"VLIDOXFATO" MC (1999, CDM Records)

CONSECRATE (death / black) (R.I.P.)
"Unholy" demo (1994)
"Life Of The Wolf" demo (1995)
"Unholy / Life Of The Wolf" MC re-issue (Eternal Death Prod.)

CRYPT (black)
"The Cry Of The Northern Winds" demo (1999)

CRYPTHOWL (atmo-black)
"Promo Tape 1997"
"Tragedies Beheld By The Cemetery" MC (2000, Oupiric Productions)

DAEMONIACUS (dark ambient)
"The Call Of Armageddon. Part I" demo (1998)
"Demonic Perversion. Part II" demo (1998)

DARKWOODS (black) (R.I.P.)
" " demo
" " demo
" " demo
" " demo
" " demo

(hard rock; previously - straightforward black)
"Demo 1997"
" " (?!?) promo
"Sweet Rosemary" CD (2001, Irond Records)

"Nordlich Sturm" demo (1998)
"Revelation" MC (1998, R.I.P. Productions)
"Nordlich Sturm" MC re-issue (2000, CDM Records)
"Revelation 666" split CD (2000, MoreHate Productions)

No items available yet

DREAMING SOUL (doom / black with a pagan touch) (R.I.P.)
"Children Of Night Flowers" demo (1997)


ECLIPSE (black / doom) (R.I.P.)
No items available

EMBRACE OF NIGHT (dark / sympho-black)
" " demo (2000)

EMERALD NIGHT (melodic black) (R.I.P.)
"Bloom Of Twilight" demo (1999)

FEANTURY (a weirder form of black...)
"...But You Still Believe" demo (1997)

FLAME EXERGON (death / black)
"Flame Exergon" demo (1999)


FOREST STREAM (dark / black / doom)
"Autumn Elegy" cassette EP (1998)
"Snowfall" CD (1999, Coronach Records)
"Black Swans" (2000)
"Last Season Purity" demo (2001)

FULLMOON RISE (raw black)
"Cold, Darkness, Death... I Awake" MC (1997, Stellar Winter)

Promo '99
"Enlosung" MC (2000)

GORDUW (a mixture of pagan black and dark ambient... truly delirious)
"Vtoraya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Zemla. Tayga. Hvoyniy Thron Taygi" demo (1997)
"Trettya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Ultan... Torna Nodtisti. Kyn Nordgall-Tu'sud" demo (1998)

GOTHIC SKY (vampiresque doom / black; previously doom / death)
"Open Your Mind For Insanity" demo (1997)
"Believe In Death" demo (1999)
"Believe In Death... Now Forever" MC (2000, Oupiric Productions)

GRAVESIDE (unholy blackened death) (R.I.P.)
"Sinful Accession" MC (1993, Soyuz records / K.T.R.)

GRENOUER (atmospheric techno death; previously - blackened death)
"Border Of Misty Times" MC (1997, Metal Agen Records)
"Gravehead" promo (1998)
"Gravehead" MC (2000, Sound Age Productions)
"The Odour O'Folly" CD (2001, More Hate Productions)

GRIMNESS (raw black)
"Darkness Rises" demo (1999)

GROM (raw black)
"Hymns Of War" demo (1998)

IGNE NATURA RENOVATUM INTEGRA (noise / industrial) (R.I.P.?)
(half-Russian / half-Ukrainian project)
Demo 1995

INFINITE FLAME (Swedish school black)
"Demo '98"

I.N.R.I. / MYSERY / OFF THE CUFF (noise / industrial)
"Part Heaven" / "So..." demo(s?) (1997)

INTERACTIVE DESIRES (black / industrial)
"Cold Surface" demo (1996)

KALI-YUGA (raw black)
"Demo '97"

KARNA (Rostov-on-Don) (dark / electro / black)
"Angelland / Strange Eyes Of The Abyss" demo (1999)

KELPY'S LAUGH (atmo-black) (R.I.P.)
"Old Warpath" demo (1995)

KOMA (dark / death / black metal)
"Koma" demo

LADDER OF CREATURES (sympho-black)
"Suspicious" demo (1998)

LAND BEYOND THE FOREST (atmo-black) (R.I.P.)
No items available

LEPRECON (a cross between Swedish school death / black and
black / industrial)
Promo '98
"Black Dance" demo (1999)

LUNACY (black / industrial)
"When Death & Frost Unite" / "Music Of Downfall" split-CD (1998, Coronach Records)

MIDGARD (raw pagan black)

"Inhaling The Wind Of The Burning Grim Dreams" demo (1998)

"The Fireway" demo (1998)

MOON FAR AWAY (dark ambient)
"Lado World" MC (1997, Exotica Records)

MOR (Moscow) (black) (R.I.P.)
"Shemhamforash" MC (1997, Maniac Records)

MOR (Murmansk)
"" demo (Gothic Horde)

MORBIT (actually, their music stands quite far from pure black metal, but due to absolute darkness dwelling in the atmosphere they force, I'd dare to add MORBIT to this list)
"Incarnated Morbid Perversion" demo (1993) (death metal)
"Corporal Decadence" demo (1994) (death / grind)
"Through Morbidity" demo (1995) (anxious death / doom)
"Born In Dense Forests" demo (1996) (black / doom / goth / industrial)
"Morphium" limited edition MC (1998, Moon Records) (doom / death / black / industrial)
"Remorphium" demo / MC (1999, Dertod Records) (black / dark / industrial)
"Sweet Music" MC (2001, Dertod Records)
"Reflections (Cronicles Of Amber)" MC (2001, Dertod Records)

MOROK (slavonic black)
" " demo (1997)
" " demo (1997)

MORITURUS (Rostov-on-Don) (noisy black) (R.I.P.)
"Confrontation Of Opposites" demo (1995)

NARGATHROND (gothic / dark wave; previously - dark ambient / sympho-black)
"Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger" MC (2000, CDM Records)
"Carnal Lust And Wolfen Hunger" split CD (2000, More Hate Productions)
"... For We Blessed This World With Plagues" CD (2001, War Is Imminent)

NAV' () (incredinly grim and misanthropic form of black metal)
" " demo (1998, Simargla Power Prod.)


"First Fiend Figures" demo (1998)
"Hell's Blood" demo (2000)

NOCTURNAL VOICES (pagan black)
"Symphony By Nature Gods" MC (1999, YuNem Records)

NORGARD (black)
"Demo 1996" (Pagan Wisdom Productions)
"Unholy Mystic War" demo (unfinished?)

NORTH (dark)
"Dying God... Of Life" demo (1999)

NOSFERATOS (unholy death)
" " demo (1995)
"Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae..." MC (1999, Moon Records)

NUCLEAR WINTER (black metal spiced with slight touches of dark ambient / industrial)
"Ode To War (Apotheosis Of Hate)" split CD (1999)
"Beyond The Nought" demo (2000)

ODIUM (dark satanic ambient)
"Clotted Nonsense" CD (1999, Coronach Records)
"My Perfect Funeral" CD (2000, Coronach Records)

OMEN (death / black)
No items available yet

ORCISH BLOOD ("fantasy"-inspired heavy / black metal)
"As All The Gods Do" MC (1999, Sound Age Productions)
"I See No End Of A Winter" MC (2000, Sound Age Productions)
"Moral Invalid" MC (2000, Hobgoblin Records)

ORTHANC (power / black)
"Till The Victory..." demo (1996)
"Till The Victory" MC (1997, self-released)

PARACELS (black / thrash / death... and so, and so forth) Encyclopedia Of Metal demo (1999, Flaming Arts Productions)

PRELUDE TO FIERY ABYSS (dark ambient / industrial)
"6th Ritual Of Divinity Desecration On The Red Eternity Of Firecold Altar" demo (Purificator Fire Productions)

PRIMEVIL CHAOS (raw black)

PYATNITZA 13 ( 13) (black)
" " demo (1998)

RADIGOST (sympho-black with a touch of doom) (ex-INFERNUS, ISTANUS)
"The Way" demo (1995)
"Spirit Of The Past" 1-track demo (1995)
"Nocturne" MC (1999, Metal Agen Records / Sound Age)

RAKOTH (epic dark metal)
"Dark Ages Chronicle" demo (1997)
"Superstatic Equilibrium" promo (1998)
"Planeshift" CD (1999, code666 Records)
"Jabberworks" CD (2001, code666 Records)

REVOKATION (hellish death / black)
"Reincarnated Souls Of Hell" demo

ROD (pseudo-NS pseudo-sympho pseudo-black)
"" demo (1997, Monstrocity Productions)
" ..." promo (1998)
"I Prishla Na Zemlyu Pogan'" CD (1999, Berzerker pseudo-Records)
*** fortunately never released ***

ROSSOMAHAAR (atmospheric death / black; previously - sympho-black)
"Grotesque" demo (1998)
"Grotesque" MC re-issue (1998, R.I.P. Productions)
"Imperium Tenebrarum" limited edition demo (1999)
"Imperium Tenebrarum" MC / CD (2000, CDM Records / Sound Age)
"Imperium Tenebrarum" CD re-issue (2001, X-Rated Records)
"Quaerite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)" CD
(2001, Last Episode Productions)

SACRIFICED (black) (R.I.P.)
"Spells Of Imprecation" demo (1995)

SATARIAL (folkish occult pseudo-black)
"... ͣ ..." MC (Satarial / S.I. Records)
"The Queen Of The Elves' Land" MC (1998, Hobgoblin Records)
"The Queen Of The Elves' Land" CD (2000, Beyond... Productions)
"Hednalard" CD (2001, Beyond... Productions)

SCRATCHING SOIL (dark industrial)
"E Nihilo Nihil" MC (Undead Wood)

SEDUCER'S EMBRACE (melodic death / black)
No items available (yet?)

SERMON (death / black) (R.I.P.)
"Through Eternity" demo (1996, Sermon / MDK Records)
"From Death To Death" MC (1997, Hobgoblin Records)
"Hypertonia" MC (1999, Sound Age Productions)

SEVERNIYE VRATA ( ) (epic pseudo-death / pseudo-black)
"" demo (1997)
"" MC re-issue (1998, Manimal Productions)
"" CD re-issue (2000, Fono Records)
" !" CD (2001, Fono Records)

SILENTIUM (black / grind / noise, previously - dark ambient)
"... And Silence Will Rule" demo (1997)
"The Blood Of Holy Prophet" demo (1998)

SILVANUS (raw black) (R.I.P.)
" ..." demo (1994, Heathen Flame Prod.)

SIMONIA (atmo-black)
"In Embrace Of Pain" demo (1998, --)
"In Embrace Of Pain" MC re-issue (2001, CDM Records)

SIVER () (black)
"" demo (1998)

SKAZ ("acoustic black")
"Sunsets" demo
" ף" demo
"The Shining Of The Withered Silver" demo

SKYTHRONE (dark wave / electro / pagan ambient) (R.I.P.)
"The Way..." MC (1995, Image Records)
"The Way..." CD (1996, Metal Agen Records)
"Saga Of Immortal Heroes" MC / CD (1997, Metal Agen Records)

SLOVISHA (folk ambient)
" " demo (1996)
"" demo (1997)

SOLAR SIGNS (a mixture of heavy and black metal)
"Wait Me At Dusk" demo (1999)

SORG (dark ambient)
"The Secrets Of The Nature" demo (1998)

STIGMATIC CHORUS (sympho-black) (ex-CHARON)
"Waters Of Styx" split CD (2001, More Hate Productions)

STILL HORROR (black?!) (later - AVALON, NECROPSY) (R.I.P.?)
A couple of demos (well, did I really said "demos"???)

"Raining December" MC (2001)

SUCCUBUS (atmo-black) (R.I.P.)
"The Eternal Mutation" demo (1991)
"A Vision From The Crystal Void" demo (1992)
"Destiny" MC (1995, Metal Agen Records)

SUNCHARIOT (melodic black) (ex-SACRIFICED) (R.I.P.)
"Betrayal Light Of Fertile Ground" demo (1997)
"Betrayal Light Of Fertile Ground" MCD (1998, Soundscape Prod.)
"Harvest" promo (1999)

SWASTICA ("nazionalistischen heathen folk music" (read - garbage)
"White Pride" demo (1999)
"The Cult Of Kano" MC (hopefully never released...)

TALES OF DARKNORD (death metal; previously - blackened death)
"Obliteration Allegory" demo (1992)
"Blackened Soul Remains..." demo (1993)
"Tragedy" demo (1994)
"Absorbing Destinies" demo (1995)
"Unearthly Agitator" demo (1995)
"Obliteration Allegory" MC (1997, Metal Agen Records)
"Endless Sunfall" MC (1997, Legion Productions)
"Endless Sunfall" CD / MC (1997, R.I.P. Productions)
"The Last" MC (1998, R.I.P. Productions)
"Dismissed" demo (1998)
"Dismissed" CD re-issue (2000, More Hate Productions)

TANQUAM (sympho-dark ambient)
Mono No Avare MC (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)

TEMNOZOR (Moscow) (pagan black) (R.I.P.)
"Sinim" demo (1995, )

TEMNOZOR' (Obninsk) (slavonic black)
"Promo Tape" (1998)
" " MC (1999, Stellar Winter)

THEISTIC INFERNO (atmospheric death / doom / black)
Embryo demo (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)

THRON' (death / grind, previously - pagan black)
"Throne Will Be Ours" demo (1996)
"Here Lies Paganism..." demo (1997, Iriy Records)
"Seductions Of The Unbaptized Darkness" MC (1998, Sierpien Records)
"Seductions Of The Unbaptized Darkness" limited MC re-issue (1998,
Pussygod Records)
"Seductions Of The Unbaptized Darkness" CD re-issue (1998, Metal
Agen Records)
Demo '99
"Subject To Damage" CD (2001, Metal Agen Records)

THUNDERSTORM (raw black)
"Kingdom Of Storm" MC (1999)

THY REPENTANCE (sympho-black)
"Ural Twilight Autumnalias" demo CD (1995, Undead Wood)
"Through The Twilight Eyes Of Frost" CD (1997, Undead Wood)
"Control Shot Or Halls Of Read" split CD (1998)

TINTAGEL (black / death, a bit similar to DEINONYCHUS)
"Existence" demo (1998)

TODESKAMPF (raw black)
"DCLXVI" demo (1998)

UMBRAL PRESENCE (occult black)
"... Et Germinet Chaos" demo

VALHALLA ("forest metal")
" " demo / MC (1999)
"" CD / LP (2000, Northern Sound Records)

" " demo (1998)
" " demo (1998)

VERSIPELLA ("symphonic war metal")
"Versipella" demo (1999)

VO T'ME ( ) (dark ambient)

VRATA T'MI ( ) ("vityaz-black")
"Sagas ()" demo (1997)

WOODS OF FALLEN (pagan black)

XAPHAN (raw black) (R.I.P.)
No items available

ZLOMRAK () (atmo-black)

"Aqua Mori" demo (1998)
"Raptus Melancholicus" demo (1999)
"Omnia Vincit Solus" demo (2001)
APOCRYPHAL (atmospheric death / black)
"Bacchanalia" demo (1997)
"Promo Tape '98"

"Consign To Oblivion" demo (1995)

APRAXIA (pagan black, previously - gore death)
"Remember About..." demo (1995)
"Return To The Ancient" (1997, Legion Productions)
"Hymns Of Dark Forests" (1998, Legion Productions)
"" MC (2000, Hobgoblin Records)

BACHUS (ritual / goth / ambient)
"Orgy" MC (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)
"Domine Spiritus" MC (1999, Flaming Arts Productions)
DIVINA ENEMA (black / death / doom / heavy...)
"To Wight Shalt Never SHINE" MC (1999)
"At The Conclave" CD (2001, Eldritch Music)

GATEWARD (pagan black / death / doom / folk)
Lord Of Aium demo (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)

GERNUNNOS (dark ambient / goth / ritual) (R.I.P.)
"Altar" demo (1996)

KAPISHTCHA (pagan / folk ambient)
Galasy Minulaga MC (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)

MENTAL ECLIPSE (death / black / thrash)
Graveside Flowers Remembrance demo (1999, Flaming Arts Prod.)

MORTLAND (dark ambient)
"Stronghold" demo (1998, Simargl Productions)

OYHRA (pagan black)
" i i" MC (1997, Funeral Pyre Prod.)
" (The Battle Arrow)" MC (1998, Funeral Pyre Prod.)

PAGAN (pagan black)
"Svarte Vinger" demo (1995, Black Blood Productions)
"Mogilny Clich" demo (1995, Black Blood Productions)
"Njanavisc Da Svjatla Zyccja" demo (1997, HUNGRY AK 47)
"Svarte Vinger - Mogilny Clich" MC re-issue (1997, HUNGRY AK 47)

WOLFSHADE (a cross between heavy, doom and black metal)
"Sun Of The Sleepless" MC (2000, Sound Age Productions)

ZNICH (I) (pagan black)
"i ..." MC (1997)
" i" MC (1999)
"i " MC (2000)


ARYAN TERRORISM (NS-black / industrial)
"War" MC (2000, White Records)

ASTROFAES (atmo-black)
"Ad Infinitum" demo (1996, Ostracizm Records)
"The Attraction: Heavens And Earth" demo (1997, Ostracizm Records)
"The Attraction: Heavens & Earth" MC (1997, Oriana Productions)
"Dying Emotions Domain" MC (1999, Oriana Productions)
"The Eyes Of The Beast" MC (2000, Oriana Productions)
"Dying Emotions Domain" CD (2001, Chanteloup Creations)

BRAINSTORM (death / black) (R.I.P.)
"Lords..." 7'EP (View Beyond)
"Fiery Ritual" 7'EP (View Beyond)

"Mi Agama Khaz Mefisto" demo (1993)
DUB BUK (symphonic NS-black metal)
"i " MC (2000, Kolovrat Productions)

FLYING (melodic black)
"January Stars" demo (1999)
FORGOTTEN SPIRIT (pagan black)
"The Masters Of Slavonic Forests" MC (1998, Ukragh Productions)
"The Legacy" MC (2000, Ukragh Productions)

GRAAL (occult black)
"Sigullum Naturae" MC (1999, Moon Records)

GREAT HORN (sympho folk black) (R.I.P.?)
"Trizna After Sunset" demo (1998, Death Dance Productions)

HATE FOREST (raw black)
"Scythia" MC (1999, Beverina Productions)

HEIMKEHR (dark ambient / gothic)
"The Dark" demo (1998, Bloodhead / Death Dance Prod.)

KNELL (pagan black)
Klich Bezodny MC (1998, Moon Records / Flaming Arts)
"Burning Horizons" MC (1999, Moon Records)

LUCIFUGUM (atmo-black)
"Gates Of Nocticula" demo (1996)
"The Wolves..." demo (1996)
" " demo (1997)
"Path Of The Wolf" split-MC (1997, Metal Agen Records)
"" MC / CD (1999, Oriana Prod. / Dark Horizon Rec.)
"Instinct Prevelance" CD (2001, Dark Horizon Records)

LUNAR ONLOOKER (death / black)
Demo 1999

MISTIGO VARGGOTH DARKESTRA (sympho-black / dark ambient)
"Midnight Fullmoon" MC (1998, Metal Agen Records)
"The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypses" CD (1999, The End Records)

MUNRUTHEL (pagan ambient)
, ؔ MC (1998, Flaming Arts Productions)
", " MC (2000, Kolovrat Productions)
" " MC (2000, Kolovrat Productions)

NATURAL SPIRIT (pagan black)
"Star Throne" MC (1999, Flaming Arts Productions)

NOKTURNAL MORTUM (pagan black) (ex-SUPPURATION (atmospheric death))
"Ecclesiastical Blasphemy" demo (1992)
"Unspeakable Journey Into Subconscious" demo (1993)
"Cosmic Flight Around Astral Sphere" 7'EP (1994) *** unreleased ***
(Final Holocaust Prod.)
"On The Wings Of Scarlet Sunset" demo (1994?) (unreleased?)
"Twilight Fall" demo (1994)
"Lunar Poetry" MC (1996, Metal Agen Rec. / Morbid Noizz Prod.)
"Goat Horns" MC (1997, Metal Agen Rec. / Morbid Noizz Prod.)
"Return Of The Vampire Lord" split-MC (1997, Metal Agen Records)
"To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire" MC (1998, Oriana Productions)
"Goat Horns" CD re-issue (1999, The End Records / Nuclear Blast)
"To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire" CD version (1999, The End Rec. /
Nuclear Blast)
"NeChrist" CD (2000, The End Rec. / Last Episode)
"Lunar Poetry" CD re-issue (2001, The End Records)

OLD MONKS' SAGA (dark ambient)
" " MC / CD
(D.D.P. / Leviaphonic Records)

RESKATOR (dark ambient) (R.I.P.)
"Demo 1997"

REUSMARKT (atmo-black) (R.I.P.)
"Fortress Ung" demo (D.D.P.)

RUNES OF DIANCEHT (atmo-black)
"Eternal Call Of Darkness" demo (1997)
" !" MC (2000, Kolovrat Productions)

(SKALD) (pagan black)

UNHALIANTHA (death / black)

VAE SOLIS (sympho-black)
"My Fire Is Eternal" demo (1998)
"Promo" (1999)
"The Blazing Shadows Beyond Eternity" MC (2000, Metal Force)

VALHALLA (pagan black)
"On The Way To Gods" MC (Beverina Productions)


VEJA HMAR ( ) (ritual / folk / dark ambient)
" " demo (Death Dance Productions)
"" demo
"" demo 
"Ii " CD (1999, self-released)
"Ii " MC (1999, Vils Abyss' Prod.)

XUL (black)