"I'm not anti-COS, I just don't feel the need to be a member of ANY
organization or group"

Artist: Vincent Crowley
Country of origin: USA
Questions by: Kai Mathias Stalhammar

Quite recently lotsa those into black and death metal were no less than bitterly frustrated due to the simple fact ACHERON is no more. However; now you’re back on the spot. Perhaps you answered this question a billion times, but… let’s do it one more time, ok? What caused disbandment and further reunion?

VC - This bullshit in the music world made the band break up. I was sick of
not getting the support we need from the past labels. We would do albums and never tour for them. That was fucked up. So I said "Fuck it"! I put the band to rest and I started doing another project called WOLFEN SOCIETY. But after 2 years of no ACHERON, the fans responded and said they wanted more. I was missing my infernal beast, so I invoked the diabolical entity once again. ACHERON can't be put to rest, it will never rest! It is a part of me and as long as I'm around, so will ACHERON!

Who are you playing with, at the moment?

VC - It is myself on bass and vocals, long time ACHERON guitarist Michael Estes on lead guitar, Aaron Werner on keyboards and vocals and we have Kyle Severn from INCANTATION / WOLFEN SOCIETY as a session drummer.

If I'm not mistaken, you've recently played in Caracas / Venezuela. How did this gig go?

VC - Yes, we did. The show went great! The fans were awesome! They treated us great. We can't wait to get back here! And the women are so fucking sexy! We will be back!

Has Thorns @ Fullmoon finally managed to release that sort of anniversary CD, comprised of demo works of yours?

VC - Yes, the "Compendium Diablerie: The Demo Days" is out now. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it will be a good addition to all ACHERON CD collections. The stuff featured is rare. Almost all our demo stuff.

By the way, in case with Fullmoon everything seems to go down the drain… All the releases delayed, no news whatsoever, distribution’s getting poorer and poorer… What’s the cause? Are they simply low on money, or is it a lack of motivation?

VC - I really don't know... We are no longer on FULL MOON PRODUCTION. We are presently longing for a new label. As for the delays, you'd have to ask Thorns that question.

Any news on forthcoming CD by ACHERON? Will you pick up from where you formerly left off, music-wise?

VC - We just recorded a new 7 inch record called "Xomaly" for WARLORD RECORDS in Italy. Yes, we are picking up where the band left off. The music is still progressing, while staying dark. We are doing a few new things, but it is still ACHERON!

Can you recall most incomprehensibly worst / best review on ACHERON’s products you ever scrolled through?

VC - Not really. I don't really care what the media thinks of us. The only
people I care about is our fans. As long as they like our material, I'm happy.

Are you still a part of Church Of Satan? Shall this organization go ever further after the departure of Anton LaVey?

VC - No, I resigned from the CHURCH OF SATAN over a year ago. I'm not anti-COS, I just don't feel the need to be a member of ANY organization or group. The COS is going on, in fact Peter H. Gilmore just took over as High Priest. As for me, I know I'm a Satanist and I don't want to have to explain by actions or beliefs to anyone. I just support Satanism as a whole, now.

B.t.w., it’s rumored you were going to come up with some kind of a tribute CD, sort of a homage to Dr. LaVey… Is that true? Has this endeavor proved to be successful?

VC - I haven't heard about this one, so I can't really answer you. Sounds like a good idea!

What’s up with Dr. LaVey’s house? As far as I know, it was in danger of being destroyed, and it seems like this problem still hadn’t been resolved…

VC - I'm sorry to say that the house was destroyed. The idiots took away a part of Satanic history. But the spirit of Dr. LaVey still lives on. The house was destroyed, but not the memories of the man who lived in it.

Vincent Crowley w/ his daughter, Devlyn AlexandraWhat can you oppose to individuals (and they’re legion, in fact) who consider Church Of Satan nothing but an artificial essence of what once was named "satanism"?

VC - That's their opinion. The idea of Satanism lives inside of me. It is me. It isn't an organization, it is a personal belief. So in my mind, Satanism continues to live as long as "one of us" is alive!

Do you personally support Marylin Manson? At least, it strikes as CoS used to support him… and probably still does…

VC - I support the way Mr Manson challenges the masses. He's done some great work battling the stupidity of christianity. And I like a lot of his music. He's doing the Devil's work and doing a fine job.

Enough with this. Are there any black or death metal acts in US, you’d say, together with ACHERON, form a certain brotherhood?


It looks like ACHERON isn’t that successful when it comes to your choice of record companies. Turbo Music and Lethal Records ripped you off in early / mid-nineties; furthermore, I doubt if you’d name a collaboration with Moribund and Metal Merchant trustworthy and profitable…

VC - You are correct. We have yet to sign to a label that has supported us with touring or have paid us what they were supposed to. That is the next step with the band. The next label we sign to must be a good one. Fuck all these labels that don't do shit for you.

David Vincent @ ex-MORBID ANGEL and George Fisher @ CANNIBAL CORPSE both participated on “Those Who Have Risen”. Are you friends with them?

VC - Yes, they both were very supportive of ACHERON. Great guys. I asked if they would be interested in doing some guest vocals and they agreed. It was an honor to have them appear on the album.

You also take part in WOLFEN SOCIETY. Speak about this project.

VC - WOLFEN SOCIETY is an Occultic Misanthropic metal project that I put together, featuring members of ACHERON, INCANTATION, DARK FUNERAL and THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB. We have a mini-CD called "Conquer Divine" coming out January 2002 on HOUSE OF DEATH RECORDS (USA) and NO FASHION (Europe).

Are you involved in any other bands besides ACHERON and WOLFEN SOCIETY?

VC - I have a weird electonic project called CROWLEY with ACHERON keyboardist Aaron Werner. We should be recording some stuff in the near future for that.

What are your thoughts upon the “Cremains” movie? What I mean is, it’s soundtrack features a couple of ACHERON tracks…

VC - It was great to have our music featuring in a low budget horror movie. We are all fans of these kind of movies. We hope there will be more to appear on in the future.

Have you ever pondered over endeavoring yourself as a writer?

VC - Sure, but I really don't have the time. Perhaps when I'm an old man? (*laughs*) But now, the music is my outlet.

Is there anything you know concerning Russia, as well as our black metal scene?

VC - To tell you the truth, I don't know much about your metal scene. We don't get a lot of news about your country. I'd like to hear some of your bands over there.

Interviewing someone of US’ origin, I simply can’t stop this chat without wondering if events of 11th of September made any impact on you personally…

VC - It really didn't. These kind of things don't surprise me. I always knew the human race hated one another. Terrorism and War is a part of life. But prices must be paid. WOLFEN SOCIETY's next album "Misanthropic Race" tell the story about by predictions about this planet. And thus far, things are going as planned. This planet is a cesspool. And all us humans are parasites! Save the world, end mankind!

The most extreme music genre, as black metal is pretty often defined, certainly never really had anything to do with a love geared to fellow-men… So, logically, 666,6% of black metal advocates worldwide (and particularly in USA) had to but rejoice of witnessing WTC twins crumble down, beholding their compatriots die in agony… Doesn’t such a supposition make sense? However, I guess most of those I just mentioned felt something quite on the contrary…

VC - It is just another day on this planet. Hatred runs this place. I don't support any attack on my country, but it doesn't shock me. This whole thing is based on Religion! Fuck Alla and Fuck Christ! Hail the Great Satan!

Thanks a lot for your time. Concluding words, please.

VC - I just want to thank everyone who has supported my work throughout the
years. I will continue to release unholy and hate filled music for you! I hope to see all of you when ACHERON goes on tour. Until then......AD MAIOREM SATANAE GLORIAM!

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